Senate Passes Reserve Fund Allocation for a Free Shuttle Program to Target

Marquette University Student Government Senate assembled on Thursday, March 27 to engage in the approval process on legislation to implement a transportation program to Target and to address the recommendation for a risk management officers in student organizations.

Incoming Program Vice President Ryan Twaddle presented Resolution #6 Reserve Fund Allocation for Target Transportation Programs, which aims to serve as a solution to the lack of affordable necessities on campus; giving students access to school supplies, groceries, health supplies and other convenience store items.

MUSG will allocate a total of $3,700 from the Reserve Fund to finance the program with $500 that will be strictly put toward publicity. The allocation will provide for a free shuttle to Target on the first and third Friday of every month, giving students access to groceries and other personal items they may need.

With a vote of 25-4-0, the Senate passed the Target shuttle program.

PVP Twaddle hopes to begin the shuttle program in September of 2014.

Senate moved forward with Recommendation #10 A Recommendation for Risk Management Office in Student Organizations, which suggest that the Office of Student Development require that student organizations include a Risk Management Officer on their executive boards to ensure the safety and conduct of the organization, similar to the risk management roles of Greek Life councils, the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Association.

With a vote of 27-0-2 Senate approved the recommendation to require a risk management officer in student organizations.

Senate adjourned at 8:43 p.m.

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Alderman Robert Bauman presents on student safety concerns and traffic lights

Marquette University Student Government Senate convened at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 20, 2014 in the Alumni Memorial Union. Alderman Robert Bauman presented to Senate, both giving updates on past and present issues affecting the Marquette and Milwaukee communities and fielding questions and concerns from the Senate.

Alderman Bauman represents downtown Milwaukee, including the Marquette campus and off-campus residences and has a history of working with MUSG on students concerns. A notable collaboration between the City of Milwaukee and MUSG was the implementation of the landscaped islands on Wells between 14th and 15th streets to make the street safer for students.

Another solution for student safety concerns will come to fruition with the installation of a traffic light at 16th and Kilbourn. Alderman Bauman informed Senate that the traffic light is reported to be going in this summer, with the goal of it being ready for the fall 2014 semester.

Students for an Environmentally Aware Campus presented to Senate to advocate on behalf of Resolution #5 Reserve Fund Allocation for Water Bottle Fillers. They shared information about the success of water bottle fillers at other colleges and universities around the country. SEAC urged the Senate to pass the resolution and encourage permanent infrastructure and sustainability on campus.

After periods of question and debate, Senate passed Resolution #5 to fund campus water bottle fillers with the MUSG Reserve Fund in a vote of 27-4-0.

A motion was then made to override the veto of MUSG President Sam Schultz on Amendment #8 The Implementation of a Reserve Fund Cap. Before voting, President Schultz clarified that he did not disagree with the end goal of the amendment, but believed it deserved more discussion in Senate. After much deliberation, Senate voted 28-2-0 to override the veto. The amendment will  now be sent to Dr. L. Christopher Miller, vice president for students affairs, for consideration.

Senate adjourned at 10:17 p.m.

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Ad Hoc Committee on Student Organization Funding Review Presentation

On Thursday, March 6, Marquette University Student Government Senate convened for a presentation from its Ad Hoc Committee on Student Organization Funding Review.

The committee’s chair Executive Vice President Zach Bowman presented the results of the committee’s six meetings, including eight proposed changes to the MUSG financial policies. Senators will review the proposed changes in their committee meetings in the week following spring break. The ad hoc committee will continue to work on redesigning the SOF application and reforming the SOF guidelines.

Students with questions about potential changes to the SOF process should contact EVP Bowman at

Senate then discussed the approval of SOF allocations. After debate regarding the validity of a percent reduction, Senate approved three SOF allocations in excess of $2,500. The approval included two allocations to the Muslim Student Association for $3,300 and $3,000 to bring speakers during Islam Awareness Week. The College Republicans received $5,625 toward hosting speaker Karl Rove.

MUSG Senate unanimously passed Amendment #8 Implementation of Reserve Fund Cap. As a result of the amendment, if the MUSG Reserve Fund amasses to greater than fifty percent of the MUSG annual operating budget at the close of any fiscal year, a cap will be initiated to curb the amount of money that goes into the reserve fund the following year. The excess funds will then be made available for use by the organizations and departments on campus at the discretion of the MUSG Budget Committee.

The Senate also unanimously passed Resolution #4 Commending Laid-Off Employees and Recommendation #9 Extending the D2L Timeline. With Resolution #4, MUSG sends the organization’s thanks and gratitude to the 25 former employees for their years of service to Marquette and its student body. Recommendation #9 recommends that D2L is amended to allow students to access their courses for a minimum of two weeks after final exams.

Resolution #5 Reserve Fund Allocation for Water Bottle Fillers was heavily debated in the Senate. The resolution proposed allocating $11,690 from the Reserve Fund to Marquette plumbing contractor JM Brennan for the purchase and installation of one new water fountain with attached digital refilling station, three additional digital refilling systems and ten “gooseneck” water bottler fillers at various locations across campus. Ultimately, the resolution was tabled until the next Senate meeting on Thursday, March 20.

Senate adjourned at 10:58 p.m.

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Student Organizations Committee Update – Nov. 6

The Student Organizations Committee’s main purpose is to serve as the primary liaison between student organizations and MUSG. Our duties are to evaluate potential student organizations and advocate for established student organizations on campus. We work closely with the Office of Student Development, and are advised by Matt Lengen, Coordinator for Student Organizations and Leadership, and Lauren Mountain, Graduate Assistant for Student Organizations.

In the last three weeks, the Student Organizations Committee has approved the following new student organizations: Humanity in Healthcare, eSports, Students for Justice in Palestine and the Daughters of Isabella. Humanity in Healthcare advocates for compassion among science and health majors, eSports is a social organization for online gamers, Daughters of Isabella is the sister organization to Knights of Columbus and Students for Justice in Palestine focuses on raising awareness and promoting cultural understanding.

Student Organizations Committee is also exploring initiatives to better serve already established student organizations. We are looking into the feasibility of student organization vans for organizations that fall outside of the categories of community service and club sports. We are also looking forward to teaming up with the Student Organizations Funding Committee to make outreach efforts to organizations who have historically not applied for funding.

All of our committee members are enthusiastic about student organizations, and actively seek feedback and suggestions that would benefit students on campus. I encourage students to contact me or any member of the committee with issues that their organization may be facing.

Emmaline Jurgena
Student Organizations Committee Chair
College of Communication Senator

Dr. Susannah Bartlow of the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center presents to MUSG

On Thursday, Oct. 31, Marquette University Student Government Senate was joined by Dr. Susannah Bartlow, Director of the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center, to discuss the center’s work and events on campus.

Dr. Bartlow explained the history and mission behind the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center (GSRC). The center, located in the Alumni Memorial Union, room 425, provides gender-based violence prevention, gender equity education and LGBT resources to students and the Marquette community. Bartlow emphasized the academic, educational and research focus of the GSRC, noting that students can utilize educational programming like speakers in addition to bi-monthly bag lunches and other events in the center.

On the future of the GSRC, Dr. Bartlow said she hopes more students will visit the center to utilize the space and resources available. She emphasized that understanding gender diversity is beneficial to students and is hopeful that the education will continue to foster dialogue about gender and sexuality on campus.

In her closing remarks Dr. Bartlow reminded Senators that the GSRC is meant to be a service to all Marquette students. “We all have gender and we all think about sex and sexuality. It’s liberating to provide a safer environment for everybody,” Bartlow said.

Following Dr. Barlow’s presentation, MUSG President Sam Schultz reminded Senate that MUSG is accepting applications for Financial Vice President for 2014 until Nov. 15. Applications are available online at

Executive Vice President Zach Bowman noted that the Student Organization Funding deadline for spring Club Sports organizations is also Nov. 15. Students can read all funding guidelines and apply for funding at

Other upcoming MUSG events include the Presidential Search Student Input Session on Wednesday, Nov. 13 at 4 p.m. in the AMU Ballrooms. Students may register for the info session online at or by sending an email to

MUSG will also host an open forum with current Marquette University Interim President Rev. Robert A. Wild, S.J., on Wednesday, Nov. 20 at 7 p.m. on the first floor of the AMU.

Senate adjourned at 8:32 p.m.

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Vice President of Planning and University Architect presents to MUSG Senate

On Thursday, October 24, 2013, Marquette University Student Government received a presentation from Vice President of Planning and University Architect Tom Ganey.

Ganey provided MUSG with an update on Norris Park, a field on the 1800 block of Kilbourn Avenue owned by the City of Milwaukee and currently leased by Marquette. Ganey said crews stripped down the field, removed rocks and put down sod so students can better utilize the space. The university hopes these improvements to be enjoyed by students for years to come.

Ganey also gave the Senate insights on the university’s Historic Core Renovation Project. The project includes renovations of Sensenbrenner, Johnston and Marquette Halls. Construction on Sensenbrenner Hall includes the offices for the Klinger College of Arts and Sciences; the transition of the History Department from Coughlin Hall; as well as an addition that will incorporate modern restrooms, stairs, an elevator and a full mechanics room for heating and air conditioning. Marquette Hall will be the new home to the Departments of Philosophy, Theology and English after renovations on the west wing. The three large lecture halls will also be updated in the constructions. Johnston Hall will receive renovations to its infrastructure and its bathrooms.

A university tax-exempt bond, made available through university refinancing in 2012, funds the Historic Core Renovation Project. The university will transition Coughlin Hall, current home to the Departments of English, History, Philosophy and Theology, into a student support and success facility, housing disability services and student educational services.

In addition to Ganey’s presentation, Senate voted unanimously to approve SOF allocations to Students for Life and College Republicans. College Republicans requested funding to subsidize its efforts to bring Steve Forbes to campus next month. Students for Life was allocated funds to cover registration fees associated with attending the March for Life in Washington, D.C. Full information on SOF allocations can be found on the MUSG website.

President Sam Schultz encouraged senators to attend the MUSG-sponsored presidential search forum on Wednesday, November 13, at 4 p.m. in AMU Ballroom E. Students are asked to RSVP online for this event or through an email to Marquette Special Events at

Communications Vice President Alex Lahr informed Senate of the open Public Relations Director position. Applications for the position can be found on the MUSG website and are due on Friday, November 1. MUSG is also accepting applications for Financial Vice President. Applications are available on the website and are due Friday, November 15.

Senate adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

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MUSG ‘Good Samaritan’ Recommendation Approved, Policy Implemented by Division of Student Affairs for Fall 2013

Marquette University Student Government is proud to announce that the Division of Student Affairs and the Office of Student Development have approved and implemented the Good Samaritan Policy based off a recommendation passed by MUSG Senate on May 2, 2013.

The Good Samaritan Policy encourages students to care for others and take action by seeking the help of university officials in the case of medical emergencies or crises. Students who do so will not be found responsible for violations of the student standards of conduct involving alcohol or drug use, regardless of what occurred immediately prior to the incident. The full policy can be found online at

“I think it means that students can be confident when in emergency situations that they can call for help and not face any unreasonable consequences. This permanently affirms the University’s claim to value safety over [giving] fines or handing out repercussions,” said MUSG President Sam Schultz.

Marquette joins Loyola University Chicago, the University of Santa Clara, Gonzaga University and several other Jesuit universities in offering a formal Good Samaritan policy for students.

The legislation’s co-author, Schroeder Senator Thomas Schick, was impressed with how swift University officials acted over the summer. “I think the quick turnaround is a testament to good communication with Erin Lazzar [Assistant Dean of Students] and Sara Johnson [Coordinator for Alcohol Programs] this summer by MUSG E-Board members and legislation authors, including myself.”

MUSG originally proposed Good Samaritan legislation in April 2011 before being vetoed by former MUSG President Meghan Ladwig to allow for additional research.

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