Student Organization Committee Update – Feb. 26

After a very successful fall semester, we were saddened to see our committee chair Senator Emmaline Jurgena leave us, but we wish her the best of luck at Marquette’s Les Aspin Center in Washington, D.C. Her work as chair has set a precedent of devotion to MUSG and it is our goal as a committee to continue on this path.

It is our committee goal to address the needs of existing student organizations by widening the scope of our work. We hope that in the near future, we will fully assume a role as the liaison between campus student organizations and MUSG.

Our committee has made it a goal to be more connected with the student organizations on campus by actively pursuing communication with student organization executive board members. Each member of our committee has made connections with the executive board members of the nearly 300 student organization on campus—it’s simply a matter of harnessing these connections.

Our biggest project this semester is to more comprehensively understand the needs of MU’s student organizations through our focus group initiative. Beginning on Feb. 27, the committee will be conducting monthly focus groups comprised of three committee members and eight e-board members of various student organizations. We have compiled an array of questions and hope to spark discussion among the student organizations about what sort of tangible changes they would like to see on MU’s campus. These meetings will run for roughly 45 minutes.

The first focus group meeting on Feb. 27 is at attendance capacity, but please do not hesitate to contact the committee if you would like to attend our focus group meeting in mid-March.

We are thrilled to be your Student Organizations Committee this semester. If any organizations have questions or are seeking resources, please contact any of our fantastic committee members or myself.

Christian Evans
Student Organizations Chair
Straz Hall Senator


Student Organizations Committee Update – Nov. 6

The Student Organizations Committee’s main purpose is to serve as the primary liaison between student organizations and MUSG. Our duties are to evaluate potential student organizations and advocate for established student organizations on campus. We work closely with the Office of Student Development, and are advised by Matt Lengen, Coordinator for Student Organizations and Leadership, and Lauren Mountain, Graduate Assistant for Student Organizations.

In the last three weeks, the Student Organizations Committee has approved the following new student organizations: Humanity in Healthcare, eSports, Students for Justice in Palestine and the Daughters of Isabella. Humanity in Healthcare advocates for compassion among science and health majors, eSports is a social organization for online gamers, Daughters of Isabella is the sister organization to Knights of Columbus and Students for Justice in Palestine focuses on raising awareness and promoting cultural understanding.

Student Organizations Committee is also exploring initiatives to better serve already established student organizations. We are looking into the feasibility of student organization vans for organizations that fall outside of the categories of community service and club sports. We are also looking forward to teaming up with the Student Organizations Funding Committee to make outreach efforts to organizations who have historically not applied for funding.

All of our committee members are enthusiastic about student organizations, and actively seek feedback and suggestions that would benefit students on campus. I encourage students to contact me or any member of the committee with issues that their organization may be facing.

Emmaline Jurgena
Student Organizations Committee Chair
College of Communication Senator

Student Organizations committee update – Feb. 20

The Student Organizations Committee primarily deals with passage and revision of current Marquette University student organizations. The committee also focuses on outreach, and how senators can best represent Marquette’s student led organizations. The committee is chaired by Tommy Hayes and advised by Matt Lengen, coordinator for Student Organizations and Leadership in the Office of Student Development.

The primary items the Student Organizations Committee is currently working include the following: collaborating on the future Student Organization Institute sponsored by OSD, outreach towards student organizations, the upcoming Student Leadership Awards Banquet and the inclusion of a flyer advertising current student organizations and MU Involvement Link to newly admitted students. In the last couple of weeks our organization has approved the Alexander Hamilton Society Organization and analyzed constitution revisions for The Dispute Resolution Association, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, The Saint Robert Bellarmine Society, The Omega Delta Eta Chapter and The Polish Club.

A majority of what our committee does comes from the students and their needs with regards to student organizations. I encourage students to contact me or any member of the committee with any issues that may be facing their organization.

Tommy Hayes
Student Organizations Committee Chair
College of Business Administration Senator