Concerned students address Senate, FVP Ciccone presents on MUSG Budget, Senator Zach Wallace elected as LVP

At its meeting on Thursday, April 10, 2014, Marquette University Student Government Senate heard from two concerned students. Marguerite Biagi, a junior in the College of Arts & Sciences and president of Alpha Phi fraternity, advocated for MUSG’s support of Recommendation #11 Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act. Recommendation #11 would allow donations for collegiate housing to be tax deductible. Senior Ahlam Ayesh brought to Senate’s attention Marquette’s lack of policy to accommodate for religious holidays. Ayesh urged MUSG to pursue a policy that would allow students to be excused from class in order to observe religious holidays.

Financial Vice President Nick Ciccone then presented on the budget for fiscal year 2015. Revenue for the MUSG budget comes from the Student Activity Fee collected from all undergraduate students, program board excursions, senior week, and interest from the reserve fund. The budget is used for administrative expenses, programs and services, program board and Student Organization Funding. FVP Ciccone and the budget committee will go to each of the four Senate standing committees for opinions on the budget. Senate will vote on the budget at its April 24 meeting.

Senate then considered Resolution #6 Veto Override. Former MUSG President Sam Schultz vetoed legislation proposed by Program Vice President Ryan Twaddle to provide buses for students to Target next semester. This program would be funded by the MUSG reserve fund, which comes from unused student activity fees. Former President Schultz originally vetoed this legislation, seeing this program as unnecessary due to student’s possession of U-PASSes. Former President Schultz did not see the legislation as in line with Marquette’s Jesuit identity, which call us to live in community with others. After deliberation the Senate did not override the veto with the vote of 5-19-1.

The Senate deliberated on Recommendation #11 Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure act, presented on by concerned student Marguerite Biagi. Senate passed Recommendation #11 unanimously.

Senate accepted nominations for Legislative Vice President. Off-Campus Senator Nathan Craft nominated College of Arts & Sciences Senator Zack Wallace, who ran unopposed.

“Instead of sitting an office that seems exclusive, let’s go out to students and show them that we care,” Wallace said when asked about his ideas for improving Senate’s communication with students. The Senate approved Wallace unanimously.

Next, Senate moved to fill its two open academic seats on the SOF committee. Senate elected College of Engineering Senator Ricky Krajewski and College of Education Senator Amanda Stolz unanimously.

Additionally, the SOF committee had an open residential seat. Schroder Hall Senator Alexander Lech and McCormick Hall Senator Murphy Quill both ran for this position. After debate, Senate voted and, because four senators abstained, there was no majority achieved to elect a candidate. A second round of voting produced the same results. A third round of voting resulted in a tie 12-12-1. A fourth round of voting resulted in the election of Senator Lech to the SOF committee.

Moving to the consideration of Amendment #10 SOF Changes. Former MUSG Executive Vice President Zach Bowman presented the proposals in the amendment. This amendment would allow organization for funding in more then one period for different expenses examines MUSG policy on capital goods, clarifies allocations off-campus expenses in addition to other initiatives to improve the SOF process. After extensive deliberation,  the authors of the legislation withdrew the legislation from consideration. MUSG will keep students informed on future action taken to improve the SOF process.

Senate adjourned at 11:35 p.m.


Senate Passes Reserve Fund Allocation for a Free Shuttle Program to Target

Marquette University Student Government Senate assembled on Thursday, March 27 to engage in the approval process on legislation to implement a transportation program to Target and to address the recommendation for a risk management officers in student organizations.

Incoming Program Vice President Ryan Twaddle presented Resolution #6 Reserve Fund Allocation for Target Transportation Programs, which aims to serve as a solution to the lack of affordable necessities on campus; giving students access to school supplies, groceries, health supplies and other convenience store items.

MUSG will allocate a total of $3,700 from the Reserve Fund to finance the program with $500 that will be strictly put toward publicity. The allocation will provide for a free shuttle to Target on the first and third Friday of every month, giving students access to groceries and other personal items they may need.

With a vote of 25-4-0, the Senate passed the Target shuttle program.

PVP Twaddle hopes to begin the shuttle program in September of 2014.

Senate moved forward with Recommendation #10 A Recommendation for Risk Management Office in Student Organizations, which suggest that the Office of Student Development require that student organizations include a Risk Management Officer on their executive boards to ensure the safety and conduct of the organization, similar to the risk management roles of Greek Life councils, the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Association.

With a vote of 27-0-2 Senate approved the recommendation to require a risk management officer in student organizations.

Senate adjourned at 8:43 p.m.

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Alderman Robert Bauman presents on student safety concerns and traffic lights

Marquette University Student Government Senate convened at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 20, 2014 in the Alumni Memorial Union. Alderman Robert Bauman presented to Senate, both giving updates on past and present issues affecting the Marquette and Milwaukee communities and fielding questions and concerns from the Senate.

Alderman Bauman represents downtown Milwaukee, including the Marquette campus and off-campus residences and has a history of working with MUSG on students concerns. A notable collaboration between the City of Milwaukee and MUSG was the implementation of the landscaped islands on Wells between 14th and 15th streets to make the street safer for students.

Another solution for student safety concerns will come to fruition with the installation of a traffic light at 16th and Kilbourn. Alderman Bauman informed Senate that the traffic light is reported to be going in this summer, with the goal of it being ready for the fall 2014 semester.

Students for an Environmentally Aware Campus presented to Senate to advocate on behalf of Resolution #5 Reserve Fund Allocation for Water Bottle Fillers. They shared information about the success of water bottle fillers at other colleges and universities around the country. SEAC urged the Senate to pass the resolution and encourage permanent infrastructure and sustainability on campus.

After periods of question and debate, Senate passed Resolution #5 to fund campus water bottle fillers with the MUSG Reserve Fund in a vote of 27-4-0.

A motion was then made to override the veto of MUSG President Sam Schultz on Amendment #8 The Implementation of a Reserve Fund Cap. Before voting, President Schultz clarified that he did not disagree with the end goal of the amendment, but believed it deserved more discussion in Senate. After much deliberation, Senate voted 28-2-0 to override the veto. The amendment will  now be sent to Dr. L. Christopher Miller, vice president for students affairs, for consideration.

Senate adjourned at 10:17 p.m.

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Business & Administration Committee Update – March 17

After spring break, times flies! Just as things are surely busy in your lives with classes, work, and your involvement, Business & Administration committee has been extremely hard at work this semester and our projects are beginning to come to fruition.  We have made strides reaching out the nearest campus grocery location, Sav-On Foods at 20th St and W Clybourn Ave, and in reaching out to university administrators and local groups invested in this initiative. Furthermore, we are continuing to investigate bystander intervention practices and policies, as well as looking into greater sexual assault prevention on campus.

This is just a snapshot of what we have accomplished in the last two months, but the real focus of this post is YOU, the student.

You have elected us to represent your concerns, and that is a responsibility that we take extremely seriously.  We encourage you to speak your mind and talk to your friends about the projects that MUSG is exploring and what you would like us to be working on.  Come to a Senate meeting any Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. in AMU 227.  We also encourage you to come to a Business & Administration meeting on Monday nights at 8 p.m. in the MUSG office (AMU 133). Send your senator or myself an email for more information.

We want to hear your voice and represent it.  No question, comment, or concern is “too big” or “too small.”

Best regards,

Thomas Schick
Business & Administration Committee Chair
Off-Campus Senator

Ad Hoc Committee on Student Organization Funding Review Presentation

On Thursday, March 6, Marquette University Student Government Senate convened for a presentation from its Ad Hoc Committee on Student Organization Funding Review.

The committee’s chair Executive Vice President Zach Bowman presented the results of the committee’s six meetings, including eight proposed changes to the MUSG financial policies. Senators will review the proposed changes in their committee meetings in the week following spring break. The ad hoc committee will continue to work on redesigning the SOF application and reforming the SOF guidelines.

Students with questions about potential changes to the SOF process should contact EVP Bowman at

Senate then discussed the approval of SOF allocations. After debate regarding the validity of a percent reduction, Senate approved three SOF allocations in excess of $2,500. The approval included two allocations to the Muslim Student Association for $3,300 and $3,000 to bring speakers during Islam Awareness Week. The College Republicans received $5,625 toward hosting speaker Karl Rove.

MUSG Senate unanimously passed Amendment #8 Implementation of Reserve Fund Cap. As a result of the amendment, if the MUSG Reserve Fund amasses to greater than fifty percent of the MUSG annual operating budget at the close of any fiscal year, a cap will be initiated to curb the amount of money that goes into the reserve fund the following year. The excess funds will then be made available for use by the organizations and departments on campus at the discretion of the MUSG Budget Committee.

The Senate also unanimously passed Resolution #4 Commending Laid-Off Employees and Recommendation #9 Extending the D2L Timeline. With Resolution #4, MUSG sends the organization’s thanks and gratitude to the 25 former employees for their years of service to Marquette and its student body. Recommendation #9 recommends that D2L is amended to allow students to access their courses for a minimum of two weeks after final exams.

Resolution #5 Reserve Fund Allocation for Water Bottle Fillers was heavily debated in the Senate. The resolution proposed allocating $11,690 from the Reserve Fund to Marquette plumbing contractor JM Brennan for the purchase and installation of one new water fountain with attached digital refilling station, three additional digital refilling systems and ten “gooseneck” water bottler fillers at various locations across campus. Ultimately, the resolution was tabled until the next Senate meeting on Thursday, March 20.

Senate adjourned at 10:58 p.m.

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Student Organization Committee Update – Feb. 26

After a very successful fall semester, we were saddened to see our committee chair Senator Emmaline Jurgena leave us, but we wish her the best of luck at Marquette’s Les Aspin Center in Washington, D.C. Her work as chair has set a precedent of devotion to MUSG and it is our goal as a committee to continue on this path.

It is our committee goal to address the needs of existing student organizations by widening the scope of our work. We hope that in the near future, we will fully assume a role as the liaison between campus student organizations and MUSG.

Our committee has made it a goal to be more connected with the student organizations on campus by actively pursuing communication with student organization executive board members. Each member of our committee has made connections with the executive board members of the nearly 300 student organization on campus—it’s simply a matter of harnessing these connections.

Our biggest project this semester is to more comprehensively understand the needs of MU’s student organizations through our focus group initiative. Beginning on Feb. 27, the committee will be conducting monthly focus groups comprised of three committee members and eight e-board members of various student organizations. We have compiled an array of questions and hope to spark discussion among the student organizations about what sort of tangible changes they would like to see on MU’s campus. These meetings will run for roughly 45 minutes.

The first focus group meeting on Feb. 27 is at attendance capacity, but please do not hesitate to contact the committee if you would like to attend our focus group meeting in mid-March.

We are thrilled to be your Student Organizations Committee this semester. If any organizations have questions or are seeking resources, please contact any of our fantastic committee members or myself.

Christian Evans
Student Organizations Chair
Straz Hall Senator

Communications Vice President approved, Recommendation #8 passed unanimously

On Thursday, Feb. 20, MUSG Senate met to approve the Communications Vice President and debate the St. Francis pledge.

Senate invited Dr. John Su, Chairman of the University Board of Undergraduate Studies, to present on the ongoing review of the University Core Curriculum. Dr. Su explained the review process and gave background on the curriculum review. He answered questions from Senate, and told attendees that if they have any more questions or suggestions for the committee, they can contact MUSG Academics Committee Chair Zach Wallace.

With the consent of MUSG Judicial Administrator Sarah Miller and Adviser Matt Lengen, MUSG voted to confirm Sarah McClanahan as Communications Vice President for the 2014-1 school year by a vote of 23-3-1. During the previous MUSG Senate meeting, McClanahan’s appointment was tabled due to concerns that a student at-large was not a part of the CVP selection committee. Miller reviewed the issue, and determined that there was a sufficient effort to find a student to attend the interview, and recommended that Senate move to confirm McClanahan.

Senate announced a new piece of legislation, Recommendation #8 “A Recommendation for Marquette to Sign the St. Francis Pledge to Care for Creation and the Poor.” The recommendation encourages Marquette University to adopt the St. Francis Pledge, continue to increase sustainability on campus and support student awareness of environmental issues.

Recommendation #8 was authored by Off-Campus Senators Natasha Hansen and Alison Libera, College of Business Administration Senator Courtney Guc, College of Communication Senator Caroline Philips, College of Arts and Sciences Senator Whitney Madeen and College of Nursing Senator Matt Brune. The recommendation passed unanimously with a vote of 27-0-0.

MUSG wants to inform students that Communication Department applications for the 2014-15 academic year are now available. Students interested in graphic design, public relations and multimedia are strongly encouraged to apply. Application can be found on the MUSG website at Questions about the positions or application should be directed to