Ad Hoc Committee on Student Organization Funding Review Presentation

On Thursday, March 6, Marquette University Student Government Senate convened for a presentation from its Ad Hoc Committee on Student Organization Funding Review.

The committee’s chair Executive Vice President Zach Bowman presented the results of the committee’s six meetings, including eight proposed changes to the MUSG financial policies. Senators will review the proposed changes in their committee meetings in the week following spring break. The ad hoc committee will continue to work on redesigning the SOF application and reforming the SOF guidelines.

Students with questions about potential changes to the SOF process should contact EVP Bowman at

Senate then discussed the approval of SOF allocations. After debate regarding the validity of a percent reduction, Senate approved three SOF allocations in excess of $2,500. The approval included two allocations to the Muslim Student Association for $3,300 and $3,000 to bring speakers during Islam Awareness Week. The College Republicans received $5,625 toward hosting speaker Karl Rove.

MUSG Senate unanimously passed Amendment #8 Implementation of Reserve Fund Cap. As a result of the amendment, if the MUSG Reserve Fund amasses to greater than fifty percent of the MUSG annual operating budget at the close of any fiscal year, a cap will be initiated to curb the amount of money that goes into the reserve fund the following year. The excess funds will then be made available for use by the organizations and departments on campus at the discretion of the MUSG Budget Committee.

The Senate also unanimously passed Resolution #4 Commending Laid-Off Employees and Recommendation #9 Extending the D2L Timeline. With Resolution #4, MUSG sends the organization’s thanks and gratitude to the 25 former employees for their years of service to Marquette and its student body. Recommendation #9 recommends that D2L is amended to allow students to access their courses for a minimum of two weeks after final exams.

Resolution #5 Reserve Fund Allocation for Water Bottle Fillers was heavily debated in the Senate. The resolution proposed allocating $11,690 from the Reserve Fund to Marquette plumbing contractor JM Brennan for the purchase and installation of one new water fountain with attached digital refilling station, three additional digital refilling systems and ten “gooseneck” water bottler fillers at various locations across campus. Ultimately, the resolution was tabled until the next Senate meeting on Thursday, March 20.

Senate adjourned at 10:58 p.m.

For more information on MUSG’s news and events, visit or the MUSG office, AMU 133. For additional updates, like MUSG on Facebook and follow MUSG on Twitter.


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