Communications Vice President approved, Recommendation #8 passed unanimously

On Thursday, Feb. 20, MUSG Senate met to approve the Communications Vice President and debate the St. Francis pledge.

Senate invited Dr. John Su, Chairman of the University Board of Undergraduate Studies, to present on the ongoing review of the University Core Curriculum. Dr. Su explained the review process and gave background on the curriculum review. He answered questions from Senate, and told attendees that if they have any more questions or suggestions for the committee, they can contact MUSG Academics Committee Chair Zach Wallace.

With the consent of MUSG Judicial Administrator Sarah Miller and Adviser Matt Lengen, MUSG voted to confirm Sarah McClanahan as Communications Vice President for the 2014-1 school year by a vote of 23-3-1. During the previous MUSG Senate meeting, McClanahan’s appointment was tabled due to concerns that a student at-large was not a part of the CVP selection committee. Miller reviewed the issue, and determined that there was a sufficient effort to find a student to attend the interview, and recommended that Senate move to confirm McClanahan.

Senate announced a new piece of legislation, Recommendation #8 “A Recommendation for Marquette to Sign the St. Francis Pledge to Care for Creation and the Poor.” The recommendation encourages Marquette University to adopt the St. Francis Pledge, continue to increase sustainability on campus and support student awareness of environmental issues.

Recommendation #8 was authored by Off-Campus Senators Natasha Hansen and Alison Libera, College of Business Administration Senator Courtney Guc, College of Communication Senator Caroline Philips, College of Arts and Sciences Senator Whitney Madeen and College of Nursing Senator Matt Brune. The recommendation passed unanimously with a vote of 27-0-0.

MUSG wants to inform students that Communication Department applications for the 2014-15 academic year are now available. Students interested in graphic design, public relations and multimedia are strongly encouraged to apply. Application can be found on the MUSG website at Questions about the positions or application should be directed to


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