Student Life Committee Update – Feb. 21

Student Life Committee met to discuss its current progress thus far for the semester. During their meeting senators discussed initiatives including Wi-Fi,  recreational space on campus, the location of the Counseling Center and other student life concerns.

WiFi:  Student Life Committee is happy to announce that they have successfully changed the wi-fi default timer requiring student to log in to MU Wireless every five minutes to every 18 hours.

Rec and Wellness: Senator Matt Brune met with the Director of Recreational Sports, John Sweeny, about recreational space on campus. The lack of space is attributed to the scheduling of fitness classes, and to combat that fitness classes have been rescheduled but tend to be at a time that is inconvenient for students. While renovations of rec space is still being debated, Sweeny is happy to share that there will be  $60,000 put toward improvements in Straz Tower, specifically in the Rec Plex exercise room and new TVs.

In addition to recreational space, Sweeny is also currently exploring purchasing two club sports vans with MUSG reserve funds. These vans will be included with other vans on campus for maintenance and for insurance and will feature the MUSG Logo.

Counseling Center: Based on previous discussions with students, there has been concern about the location of the Counseling Center. Concerns included the location of receptionist desk and the layout of the waiting room, making it probable to encounter your friends and other peers.  Student Life is continuing discussions with members of Active Minds in hopes of scheduling meetings with Senator Courtney Guc.

MyJob: Administrators in charge of are meeting to discuss and develop strategies to better inform student employees of this platform. Currently, they are working on delivering information when students fill out the tax forms. In addition to awareness administrators are working on the function of the site.

Water bottle fillers: Senators Kristen Steinfield, Lukas Baker, and Ely Elizondo are exploring current academic building drinking fountains and options for water bottle fillers.  They  will be working with the budget committee for a reserve fund allocation on this initiative.

Off-Campus lease signing:  Student Life is currently working on providing information that will be going out to the Land Lord Tenant Council and in parental newsletter in August, which aims to work toward building a healthy relationship between landlords, students and the university.

Tobacco Free Campus: Senator Caroline Phillips is working on the viability of the proposal brought to us by Student Health Advisory Board to make Marquette a tobacco free campus, similar to MATC. This change would not focus on enforcement, but rather a cultural change.

Natasha Hansen
Student Life Committee Chair
Off-Campus Senator


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