Meet MUSG: Off-Campus Senator Brittany Riesenbeck

Brittany Riesenbeck is a senior Off-Campus Senator majoring in Marketing and Operations & Supply Chain Management and minoring in Corporate Communications. 


Her favorite part of MUSG is the enthusiasm students have for their work. “I love how I see people become so passionate about a project they’re working on, whether it be legislation, an event or simply talking to administrators about issues students have,” Riesenbeck said.Riesenbeck has held several positions over the three years she has been involved in MUSG, including Financial Office Assistant, Controller, Financial Vice President and Student Life Chair.

“MUSG really cares, and many of us try to come up with new innovative ways to address issues of advocacy, awareness and support. We are constantly asking ourselves, ‘How can we better serve students? Is this what the students of today want?’ While we ask these questions through formal programs like retreats, my favorite it when I hear these discussions in everyday conversations.”

Outside of MUSG, Riesenbeck is a member of several student organizations and boards. She is a Student Representative for the Marquette University National Board of Directors, a Student Alumni Ambassador, a University Financial Plan and Review Committee Student Representative and Hunger Clean Up participant.


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