Business & Administration Committee Update – Feb. 11

Business and Administration committee is back from winter holiday and ready to get to work!  We are continuing our premiere initiative of exploring various options to bring more sustainable, affordable and reliable food and grocery options to campus and improving the current options. We are confident that access to food will not only benefit members of the Marquette family living on and off campus, but will bring benefits, both direct and indirect, to our neighbors with whom we share the Avenue West area of Milwaukee.

The second long-term project we are engaging in deals with bystander intervention – how one or more people respond to assist another person facing inclement peril, primarily alcohol, drugs, and sexual violence – and a review of the policies in place.  Several members of our committee will be meeting with various administrators and researching how peer institutions optimize strong bystander intervention training and policy.

Other initiatives we are exploring seek to holistically improve Marquette and include such topics as a “dead week” policy, student organization education and cooperative relations, more sustainable water bottle filling stations, and internal moves towards a more efficient MUSG.

Though we are looking at several issues this semester, we are always open to new ideas! Please feel free to contact myself or come to one of our meetings with any ideas you may have. We meet on Monday nights at 8 p.m. in the MUSG Office, AMU 133.

Wishing you all a wonderful semester!

Thomas Schick
Business & Administration Committee Chair
Off-Campus Senator


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