Avalancheros Comedy Group to Perform at Marquette

An improv comedy group featuring Marquette alum and star of the NBC sitcom Community Danny Pudi will perform at 9 p.m. on Feb. 15 in the AMU ballrooms. The group, called the “Avalancheros,” will perform in honor of National Marquette Day.

The Avalancheros are comprised of several Marquette alumni and comedians who are now based in the Los Angeles area. In addition to Pudi, the Avalancheros feature Pat Finn, Chris Marrs, Kevin Farley and John Farley. The Farleys are brothers of the late Chris Farley, also a Marquette alum and comedian, who starred in several movies and on Saturday Night Live.

According to Kevin Farley, Avalancheros members first got their start in comedy while attending Marquette. Since then, they have each individually appeared in numerous television shows, movies and commercials, as well as performed at comedy festivals around the country.

The group has performed at Marquette several times since reconnecting through the acting community in Los Angeles. Their name is a nod to the Avalanche, a popular campus dive bar that closed in 1997.

The event is free and open to all Marquette students.


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