Immigration Reform Activist to Speak on Campus

Immigration activist Jose Antonio Vargas will speak at Marquette at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 25 in the Weasler Auditorium.

vargas_tabloid-01Vargas, an award-winning journalist and filmmaker, revealed his status as an undocumented immigrant in an essay in The New York Times Magazine, after winning a Pulitzer Prize while working for the Washington Post. His essay, published in an effort to promote dialogue on immigration reform, detailed the uncertainty of his life due to his immigration status.

Vargas was born in the Philippines, and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to live with his grandparents when he was 12-years-old. However, he never obtained permission to live in the United States permanently. Vargas learned of his immigration status at the age of 16 when he applied for a driver’s license and discovered that his identification documents were fraudulent.

After publishing the essay revealing his immigration status, Vargas founded Define American, a nonprofit foundation dedicated to facilitating national conversations about immigration issues. Define American supports the DREAM Act, a legislation package that would allow undocumented immigrants a path to legalization. The organization also monitors use of the term “illegal immigrant” in the media, and urges new outlets to instead use the term “undocumented.” Outlets including The Associated Press and The New York Times announced they have made the switch.

Vargas also testified at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

In the two years since Vargas revealed his immigration status, he has become a face of the immigration movement. His appearance on Tuesday, March 25 is free to students.


Student Organization Committee Update – Feb. 26

After a very successful fall semester, we were saddened to see our committee chair Senator Emmaline Jurgena leave us, but we wish her the best of luck at Marquette’s Les Aspin Center in Washington, D.C. Her work as chair has set a precedent of devotion to MUSG and it is our goal as a committee to continue on this path.

It is our committee goal to address the needs of existing student organizations by widening the scope of our work. We hope that in the near future, we will fully assume a role as the liaison between campus student organizations and MUSG.

Our committee has made it a goal to be more connected with the student organizations on campus by actively pursuing communication with student organization executive board members. Each member of our committee has made connections with the executive board members of the nearly 300 student organization on campus—it’s simply a matter of harnessing these connections.

Our biggest project this semester is to more comprehensively understand the needs of MU’s student organizations through our focus group initiative. Beginning on Feb. 27, the committee will be conducting monthly focus groups comprised of three committee members and eight e-board members of various student organizations. We have compiled an array of questions and hope to spark discussion among the student organizations about what sort of tangible changes they would like to see on MU’s campus. These meetings will run for roughly 45 minutes.

The first focus group meeting on Feb. 27 is at attendance capacity, but please do not hesitate to contact the committee if you would like to attend our focus group meeting in mid-March.

We are thrilled to be your Student Organizations Committee this semester. If any organizations have questions or are seeking resources, please contact any of our fantastic committee members or myself.

Christian Evans
Student Organizations Chair
Straz Hall Senator

Night of Chocolate Tours the World

On Thursday, March 20, Marquette University Student Government will present the sweetest night of the year – Night of Chocolate – at 7 p.m. in the AMU Ballrooms.


Join MUSG in “Tour de Chocolate” and allow your taste buds to explore delectable treats from around the world. The trip begins in Belgium. With a history of chocolate beginning in 1635, Belgium is home to over 2,000 chocolatiers. Of course, nothing pairs with chocolate better than a golden Belgium waffle.

After stamping their passport in Belgium, attendees will trek over to France. A well kept secret, France’s sensuous, sweet and surprising chocolate is the product of the country’s renowned decadence; and the French crepe pairs perfectly with a dollop of the delicious treat.

The next stop on the tour is Switzerland. Famed internationally as the world’s prominent chocolatiers, the Swiss take their reputation seriously. Each hand-crafted truffle and confection begins with natural ingredients, including cacao beans and sugar cane, which are combined and poured slowly into unique molds, creating a chocolate that looks as good as it tastes.

“Tour de Chocolate” ends in America, where chocolate has become its own industry. From Hershey to Nestle to Dove, Americans have taken the world’s obsession over chocolate to a new level. A stop in America for chocolate yields variety and will often be sealed with a Kiss, a Hershey’s Kiss of course.

Round-trip tickets for this delicious adventure will go on sale Wednesday, Feb. 26 in the Brooks Lounge. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased with cash or Marquette cash.

For more information on MUSG’s news and events, visit or the MUSG office, AMU 133. For additional updates, like MUSG on Facebook and follow MUSG on Twitter.

Communications Vice President approved, Recommendation #8 passed unanimously

On Thursday, Feb. 20, MUSG Senate met to approve the Communications Vice President and debate the St. Francis pledge.

Senate invited Dr. John Su, Chairman of the University Board of Undergraduate Studies, to present on the ongoing review of the University Core Curriculum. Dr. Su explained the review process and gave background on the curriculum review. He answered questions from Senate, and told attendees that if they have any more questions or suggestions for the committee, they can contact MUSG Academics Committee Chair Zach Wallace.

With the consent of MUSG Judicial Administrator Sarah Miller and Adviser Matt Lengen, MUSG voted to confirm Sarah McClanahan as Communications Vice President for the 2014-1 school year by a vote of 23-3-1. During the previous MUSG Senate meeting, McClanahan’s appointment was tabled due to concerns that a student at-large was not a part of the CVP selection committee. Miller reviewed the issue, and determined that there was a sufficient effort to find a student to attend the interview, and recommended that Senate move to confirm McClanahan.

Senate announced a new piece of legislation, Recommendation #8 “A Recommendation for Marquette to Sign the St. Francis Pledge to Care for Creation and the Poor.” The recommendation encourages Marquette University to adopt the St. Francis Pledge, continue to increase sustainability on campus and support student awareness of environmental issues.

Recommendation #8 was authored by Off-Campus Senators Natasha Hansen and Alison Libera, College of Business Administration Senator Courtney Guc, College of Communication Senator Caroline Philips, College of Arts and Sciences Senator Whitney Madeen and College of Nursing Senator Matt Brune. The recommendation passed unanimously with a vote of 27-0-0.

MUSG wants to inform students that Communication Department applications for the 2014-15 academic year are now available. Students interested in graphic design, public relations and multimedia are strongly encouraged to apply. Application can be found on the MUSG website at Questions about the positions or application should be directed to

Applications available for MUSG’s 2014-15 Communications Department

Marquette University Student Government is seeking students interested in graphic design, web design and maintenance, videography, photography, public relations writing and social media to serve as members of the 2014-15 Communications Department.

The Communications Department is made up of three teams:


Responsible for visual art, design and branding for all MUSG programs and initiatives, the design team is made up of a group of assistants and a director.

Public Relations

Responsible for all public relations efforts of the organization, including press releases, newsletters, social media, blog posts and media contact. The public relations team is made up of a group of assistants and a director.


Responsible for maintaining the MUSG website and completing photography and videography projects, the multimedia team is made up of a group of assistants and a director. Multimedia assistants need not be experienced in all areas and may be hired in specifically for photography, video or web. The director will supervise all areas of multimedia and assist in website maintenance.

Each director position is expected to devote about 10 hours per week to the role and is given an honorary stipend dictated by the upcoming annual budget process. Assistant positions are volunteer, with an expected commitment of 5 hours per week.

Questions about the positions or application process should be directed to current CVP Alex Lahr or incoming CVP Sarah McClanahan at

Interested students are encouraged to obtain an application online at Applications are due to the MUSG office (AMU 133) by 5 p.m. on Friday, March 7.

For more information on MUSG’s news and events, visit or the MUSG office, AMU 133. For additional updates, like MUSG on Facebook and follow MUSG on Twitter.

Meet MUSG: Legislative Clerk Natalie Battis

Natalie Battis is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in psychology and English literature. Serving as legislative clerk this academic year is Natalie’s first experience in MUSG. As legislative clerk, Natalie is present at all Senate meetings, takes minutes and assists with voting procedures.battis_n

Natalie enjoys MUSG because she likes to be involved with the issues on campus, “I like hearing decisions being made on behalf of the students and becoming more informed about what is going on around campus.”

In addition to her involvement in MUSG, Natalie is involved in the Companions in Leadership Program. She also works at the School of Dentistry and in the Social and Cultural Sciences Office.

Marquette is perfect for Natalie because she liked the urban environment and the size of campus. Reflecting on her time in Milwaukee so far, Natalie recalls the basketball games as her favorite Marquette memories.

If you want to get on Natalie’s good side, give her some pizza. If she could only have one food for the rest of her life, Natalie would choose to enjoy a slice, or maybe two, of that Italian goodness.

Student Life Committee Update – Feb. 21

Student Life Committee met to discuss its current progress thus far for the semester. During their meeting senators discussed initiatives including Wi-Fi,  recreational space on campus, the location of the Counseling Center and other student life concerns.

WiFi:  Student Life Committee is happy to announce that they have successfully changed the wi-fi default timer requiring student to log in to MU Wireless every five minutes to every 18 hours.

Rec and Wellness: Senator Matt Brune met with the Director of Recreational Sports, John Sweeny, about recreational space on campus. The lack of space is attributed to the scheduling of fitness classes, and to combat that fitness classes have been rescheduled but tend to be at a time that is inconvenient for students. While renovations of rec space is still being debated, Sweeny is happy to share that there will be  $60,000 put toward improvements in Straz Tower, specifically in the Rec Plex exercise room and new TVs.

In addition to recreational space, Sweeny is also currently exploring purchasing two club sports vans with MUSG reserve funds. These vans will be included with other vans on campus for maintenance and for insurance and will feature the MUSG Logo.

Counseling Center: Based on previous discussions with students, there has been concern about the location of the Counseling Center. Concerns included the location of receptionist desk and the layout of the waiting room, making it probable to encounter your friends and other peers.  Student Life is continuing discussions with members of Active Minds in hopes of scheduling meetings with Senator Courtney Guc.

MyJob: Administrators in charge of are meeting to discuss and develop strategies to better inform student employees of this platform. Currently, they are working on delivering information when students fill out the tax forms. In addition to awareness administrators are working on the function of the site.

Water bottle fillers: Senators Kristen Steinfield, Lukas Baker, and Ely Elizondo are exploring current academic building drinking fountains and options for water bottle fillers.  They  will be working with the budget committee for a reserve fund allocation on this initiative.

Off-Campus lease signing:  Student Life is currently working on providing information that will be going out to the Land Lord Tenant Council and in parental newsletter in August, which aims to work toward building a healthy relationship between landlords, students and the university.

Tobacco Free Campus: Senator Caroline Phillips is working on the viability of the proposal brought to us by Student Health Advisory Board to make Marquette a tobacco free campus, similar to MATC. This change would not focus on enforcement, but rather a cultural change.

Natasha Hansen
Student Life Committee Chair
Off-Campus Senator