A Night of Marquette Mystery

On Saturday, Feb. 1, Marquette University Student Government will host a “Night of Mystery” at 9 p.m. beginning in the Weasler Auditorium.

Mystique will fall upon the university’s campus causing entertainers of enigma to arise, beginning with hypnotist Frederick Winters. This master of mesmerizing has performed over 2,000 shows, awing over 500,000 people. The 2010 Campus Activities Magazine best male performer is known throughout the country for his feature show.

After the hypnotic feat, students will make their way to Marquette Place in the AMU to join fellow students and detectives alike in an interactive murder mystery game. With the help of three comedian actors from Mission IMPROVable, students will join forces and solve the Marquette murder mystery.

mystery_dgsq-01 In addition to the enigmatic entertainment, snacks and refreshments will also be provided throughout the night. The event is free and open to all Marquette students.

So whether you are a Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew or group of meddling kids come down to the Weasler on Saturday, Feb. 1, to uncover the truths and secrets that lie within a Night of Mystery.

For more information on MUSG’s news and events, visit musg.mu.edu or the MUSG office, AMU 133. For additional updates, like MUSG on Facebook and follow MUSG on Twitter.


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