Meet MUSG: College of Communication Senator Estefania Elizondo

A senator for the College of Communication, Estefania Elizondo is a sophomore majoring in Communication Studies with minors in Business and Political Science.

“MUSG is the epicenter of everything that goes on within Marquette University. Whether it is advocating for student concerns or addressing problems in order to better students’ experiences at Marquette, MUSG does it all. Moreover, there is no better way to get involved than becoming a member of MUSG,” Elizondo explained.


Outside of student government, Estefania keeps herself busy. An advocate for Miss Representation and Half the Sky, Elizondo is passionate about social justice and also spends her time in Marquette organizations such as Justice and Students for an Environmentally Active Campus (SEAC).

Elizondo cites Marquette’s high standards for academic excellence as the primary reason she chose to make the two thousand mile move from Puerto Rico to Milwaukee. She also truly appreciates the close-knit community Marquette offers.

Although she’s a long way from home, Estefania still finds herself enjoying target shooting with bow and arrow – a family sport she has practiced on and off since the age of eight.


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