Meet MUSG: Off-Campus Senator Natasha Hansen

A junior in the College of Arts & Sciences, Natasha Hansen has been involved in MUSG since freshman year. As a senator, Natasha has represented different groups of students throughout her three terms: Mashuda Hall residents, College of Arts and Sciences students and students living off-campus.


Hansen has also served as the Senate’s President Pro Tempore and as a member of the Student Organization Funding (SOF) committee. Currently, she chairs the Student Life committee.

“My favorite part about MUSG is all of the members coming together with different perspectives to help improve students’ Marquette experience,” said Hansen. 

Outside of MUSG, Natasha spends her time with Marquette’s College Democrats. Previously the field coordinator, Natasha was recently elected as the group’s finance director.

In correlation with her International Affairs and Spanish majors, Hansen is also finishing up a semester internship at Voces de la Frontera.

A woman of many talents, Natasha also has a forklifting license. Although she’s never used it, Natasha is confident that it will come in handy at some point in her life. 


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