Academics Committee Update – Dec. 16

Throughout the semester, the Academics Committee has been actively addressing student’s concerns within the realm of academics.  Earlier this semester, the Academics Committee had the privilege of meeting with Marquette’s interim provost, Dr. Margaret Callahan, to discuss the issues we have been working on.  Some of the issues we discussed include academic advising, concerns with academic technology and offering EMT certification courses on campus.

An issue with continuous room for improvement on Marquette’s campus is academic advising.  MUSG has been actively addressing this issue for several years and the university has been making consistent improvements for which we are grateful.  However, we understand that advising is a two-way street and, in order to have a meaningful advising sessions, students must be prepared for their meetings.  In light of this, the Academics Committee has been doing extensive research on the various advising resources available for students, as well as advocating for further resources to be created and made easily accessible to students.

Another major concern the Academics Committee has been working on includes issues with academic technology on campus. The two topics for concern are having professors utilize the grade book on D2L and keeping the program open after the end of the semester. Academics has been working closely with administration on both of these issues.

A third major concern the Academics Committee has been working on includes offering EMT certification courses at Marquette. We developed a survey to gauge student opinion on the issue and data showed a strong student interest for the courses to be offered. On Dec. 5, 2013, the Academics Committee passed a Recommendation for the Establishment of a non-credit EMT Certification Course on Marquette’s campus.  The recommendation was passed unanimously through the Senate and will be sent to various administrators on campus including Dr. William Cullinan, dean of the College of Health Sciences, Dr. Richard Holtz, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and Interim Provost Callahan.

The Academics Committee has various issues to work on this semester but is always actively looking to address more students concerns. We encourage any student with an academic concern to contact us.

Zack Wallace
Academics Committee Chair
College of Arts & Sciences Senator


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