Business & Administration Committee Update – Dec. 9

The MUSG Business and Administration committee has had an exciting beginning to this new academic year.  Poised to address and explore student and university concerns, the committee includes several senators new to the organization, as well as an inspired cadre of returning senators with diverse involvement backgrounds.  Our year began by setting bold, yet attainable personal and legislative goals as a committee, focused particularly on representing each of our constituencies and growing individually as leaders in MUSG and on campus.

Each senator has brought up important issues that have together contributed to make up our short- and long-term legislative agendas for the year.  At the top of our concerns is an issue that has been the topic of campus and public conversation for quite some time: the lack of sustainable, affordable and healthy food on campus, primarily in the form of a grocery store.  As a steward to the Avenues West neighborhood and a prestigious institution of higher learning, we do not look upon of FDA label of “food desert” with fondness.  Our committee has created an extensive, goal driven plan to tackle this issue through an array of potential solutions; we understand that an issue of this magnitude and complexity will likely not be solved with one initiative, but we remain focused and committed to taking action toward making this public aspiration a reality.

Rounding out our legislative agenda are several other issues we are looking into including swipe access on campus, budgetary and student organization funding (SOF) processes, the bathroom tissue on campus, campus vendors, and financial and environmental sustainability efforts.  We are also exploring a cooperative engagement with the Student Organizations committee meant to try to make it easier for athletic and arts groups on campus to reserve the practice space they need.

We are excited and passionate about the rest of this year and encourage students to reach out to us with any concerns they may have.

Thomas Schick
Business & Administration Committee Chair
Off-Campus Senator


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