Meet MUSG: College of Communication Senator Emmaline Jurgena

Emmaline Jurgena is a sophomore is in the College of Communication majoring in Journalism and pursuing a double major in Political Science. As the College of Communications senator, this is her second year in MUSG. She also serves as the Committee Chair for Student Organizations committee, which approves new student organizations and works with organizations to address their concerns. Last year, Emmaline started off her MUSG career as the Cobeen Hall Senator.


She enjoys being in MUSG because of the sense of community.  When she’s not spending time in AMU 133, Emmaline enjoys volunteering at the Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinic.  Overall, she recalls her favorite Marquette memory as going to the famous Summerfest music festival with her friends.

Festivals like Summerfest are one of the reasons Emmaline loves being at Marquette, “I was looking at smaller schools in urban areas. Marquette was the perfect fit; it felt like home and Milwaukee is so fun!”

If Emmaline could have any super power, she would freeze time, because “in college there’s not enough time in the day.” She would also be happy to eat only tacos for the rest of her life.


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