Academics Committee Update – Dec. 16

Throughout the semester, the Academics Committee has been actively addressing student’s concerns within the realm of academics.  Earlier this semester, the Academics Committee had the privilege of meeting with Marquette’s interim provost, Dr. Margaret Callahan, to discuss the issues we have been working on.  Some of the issues we discussed include academic advising, concerns with academic technology and offering EMT certification courses on campus.

An issue with continuous room for improvement on Marquette’s campus is academic advising.  MUSG has been actively addressing this issue for several years and the university has been making consistent improvements for which we are grateful.  However, we understand that advising is a two-way street and, in order to have a meaningful advising sessions, students must be prepared for their meetings.  In light of this, the Academics Committee has been doing extensive research on the various advising resources available for students, as well as advocating for further resources to be created and made easily accessible to students.

Another major concern the Academics Committee has been working on includes issues with academic technology on campus. The two topics for concern are having professors utilize the grade book on D2L and keeping the program open after the end of the semester. Academics has been working closely with administration on both of these issues.

A third major concern the Academics Committee has been working on includes offering EMT certification courses at Marquette. We developed a survey to gauge student opinion on the issue and data showed a strong student interest for the courses to be offered. On Dec. 5, 2013, the Academics Committee passed a Recommendation for the Establishment of a non-credit EMT Certification Course on Marquette’s campus.  The recommendation was passed unanimously through the Senate and will be sent to various administrators on campus including Dr. William Cullinan, dean of the College of Health Sciences, Dr. Richard Holtz, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and Interim Provost Callahan.

The Academics Committee has various issues to work on this semester but is always actively looking to address more students concerns. We encourage any student with an academic concern to contact us.

Zack Wallace
Academics Committee Chair
College of Arts & Sciences Senator


Business & Administration Committee Update – Dec. 9

The MUSG Business and Administration committee has had an exciting beginning to this new academic year.  Poised to address and explore student and university concerns, the committee includes several senators new to the organization, as well as an inspired cadre of returning senators with diverse involvement backgrounds.  Our year began by setting bold, yet attainable personal and legislative goals as a committee, focused particularly on representing each of our constituencies and growing individually as leaders in MUSG and on campus.

Each senator has brought up important issues that have together contributed to make up our short- and long-term legislative agendas for the year.  At the top of our concerns is an issue that has been the topic of campus and public conversation for quite some time: the lack of sustainable, affordable and healthy food on campus, primarily in the form of a grocery store.  As a steward to the Avenues West neighborhood and a prestigious institution of higher learning, we do not look upon of FDA label of “food desert” with fondness.  Our committee has created an extensive, goal driven plan to tackle this issue through an array of potential solutions; we understand that an issue of this magnitude and complexity will likely not be solved with one initiative, but we remain focused and committed to taking action toward making this public aspiration a reality.

Rounding out our legislative agenda are several other issues we are looking into including swipe access on campus, budgetary and student organization funding (SOF) processes, the bathroom tissue on campus, campus vendors, and financial and environmental sustainability efforts.  We are also exploring a cooperative engagement with the Student Organizations committee meant to try to make it easier for athletic and arts groups on campus to reserve the practice space they need.

We are excited and passionate about the rest of this year and encourage students to reach out to us with any concerns they may have.

Thomas Schick
Business & Administration Committee Chair
Off-Campus Senator

Meet MUSG: Legislative Vice President Kyle Whelton

Kyle Whelton is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences double majoring in Political Science and History with a minor in Classical Studies. Currently, he is serving MUSG as the Legislative Vice President for 2013-14 academic year.

Kyle Whelton

In addition to his executive role with MUSG, Whelton is also an undergraduate research assistant in the Political Science Department under Dr. McAdams, where he complies articles and data on the Kennedy Assassination. Kyle is also a member of SigEp fraternity, the Classics and History honor societies and the Les Aspin Center Alumni Council.

Over the course of his three years with MUSG, Whelton has served as a student representative on the AMU Advisory Board and as an academic senator on the behalf of the College of Arts and Sciences.

When Whelton gets hungry, he loves to indulge at his favorite Marquette campus establishment – Marquette Gryos. Whelton affirms that although most students would argue that Dogg Haus has the best cheese curds, Marquette Gyros’ curds are “ hands down the best.”

Whelton strives to make a difference at Marquette by representing students and working with MUSG to make sure the needs and concerns of students are addressed.

VP for Student Affairs Dr. Miller fields MUSG questions, SOF transportation amendment discussed

On Thursday, Dec. 5, Marquette University Student Government Senate convened to receive comments from concerned students, engage in discussion with Dr. L. Christopher Miller, vice president for student affairs, and to present and debate on two pieces of legislation and an amendment.

Members of Students for an Environmentally Aware Campus (SEAC) came to the forum for concerned students to voice their opinions on bringing more reusable water bottle fillers to campus. SEAC hopes to eventually make Marquette a “disposable water bottle-free” campus. Members spoke about the sustainability of installing the fillers and convenience for students as primary reasons. MUSG Senators are currently researching types of fillers, locations and more and aim to continue work with SEAC on the issue.

Dr. Miller joined Senate to reflect on the fall semester, answer questions and discuss issues presented by senators. After commending the Senate for their dedication despite this year of transition, Dr. Miller fielded questions. Senator J. R. O’Rourke of McCormick Hall inquired more details about the exclusion of a student on the Presidential Search Committee. Dr. Miller responded that “there are more opportunities for student involvement in other committees on campus” and that the concerns voiced by students about the exclusion of a student on the search committee will “have a lasting impact as we move forward.”

Overall, Dr. Miller emphasized how highly he valued the Senate’s hard work and emphasized his appreciation for students concerns. Specifically, Dr. Miller spoke on how seriously MUSG legislation is taken by the administration.

Senate reconsidered the allocation of unanticipated student activity fee revenue, stemming from the contentious failure of the first proposal in its Thursday, Nov. 21 meeting. The Budget Committee met Wednesday, Dec. 4, and proposed a new resolution consisting of funds allocated to club and non-club sports, attendance to the National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference, a new MUSG office printer and funds to the program board for the Unplugged commission, which brings concerts to campus. Senate unanimously passed the proposal for allocation of funds.

The Senate then entertained two new pieces of legislation. The first was a recommendation regarding transparency on matters of gender and sexuality. Senator Mary McCarthy, an Off-Campus Senator, explained that this legislation is not meant to pass judgment on decisions of the university, but to advocate future transparency on issues concerning gender and sexuality and others that may not align with the university’s Catholic, Jesuit values. Recommendation #6 was passed in a vote of 29-1-2.

Senators then discussed Recommendation #7 for the establishment for an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification course. The EMT course would make Marquette a satellite campus for the Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) course. MATC would provide curriculum and instructors and Marquette would simply host the course on campus. Additionally, students would only need to pay EMT course registration fees, limiting the financial burden on Marquette.

Recommendation author Senator Kate Barelli of the College of Health Sciences explained that EMT certification would aid health sciences students in requirements for summer jobs and patient contact hours. Recommendation #7 passed unanimously.

Finally, Senate considered an amendment to the MUSG constitution that would modify the Student Organization Funding (SOF) process. Amendment #5 aimed to amend financial policies by allowing the allocation of Student Activity Fee funds to transportation requests by student organizations.

The amendment was highly contested in Senate, with Senator Zack Wallace proposing the legislation be given to the ad-hoc committee on SOF review for research and potential inclusion in large-scale SOF reform. Wallace’s motion did not carry and Amendment #5 was considered in Senate. After proposed changes to the bill’s language and hours of debate, the amendment ultimately failed.

Senate adjourned at 10:32 p.m.

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Meet MUSG: College of Communication Senator Emmaline Jurgena

Emmaline Jurgena is a sophomore is in the College of Communication majoring in Journalism and pursuing a double major in Political Science. As the College of Communications senator, this is her second year in MUSG. She also serves as the Committee Chair for Student Organizations committee, which approves new student organizations and works with organizations to address their concerns. Last year, Emmaline started off her MUSG career as the Cobeen Hall Senator.


She enjoys being in MUSG because of the sense of community.  When she’s not spending time in AMU 133, Emmaline enjoys volunteering at the Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinic.  Overall, she recalls her favorite Marquette memory as going to the famous Summerfest music festival with her friends.

Festivals like Summerfest are one of the reasons Emmaline loves being at Marquette, “I was looking at smaller schools in urban areas. Marquette was the perfect fit; it felt like home and Milwaukee is so fun!”

If Emmaline could have any super power, she would freeze time, because “in college there’s not enough time in the day.” She would also be happy to eat only tacos for the rest of her life.

Beat Finals Week Stress with Late Night Breakfast from MUSG

All your favorite breakfast foods, served at an unusual breakfast time. That’s right, Marquette’s favorite finals week tradition – Late Night Breakfast – is back. Come on down to the AMU Ballrooms on Monday, Dec. 9 from 9 to 11 p.m. and enjoy a delicious, free meal from Late Night and the AMU.


The all-you-can-eat breakfast will include pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs, tater tots, and much more. Don’t miss this opportunity to grab some food before your all-nighter begins in Raynor, or use it as time to eat your feelings after the first day of exams. Feel free to bring along study materials and multi-task, or just stop by for a quick bite to eat before your next review session.

MUSG and Late Night are here for you this finals week. So bring some friends and enjoy the well-deserved free food.

This event is free, open to all Marquette students and does not require you to have a meal plan.

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MUSG to host holiday excursion to Chicago

Marquette University Student Government will host a festive day trip to Chicago for shopping, sightseeing and more on Saturday, December 7 from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Just weeks away from the big day, Chicago streets will be lit up and decorated beautifully for the holiday season. Michigan Avenue, freshly pampered from its Magnificent Mile Lights Festival, will sparkle with a million white lights amongst its trees, while Macy’s continues the festivities inside its stores with decorations that are second to none.

Of course, Michigan Avenue is far more than its idyllic décor. Its shops are iconic, and are the perfect place to find holiday gifts. Whether its fashion, food or a fantastic read, Chicago’s Magnificent Mile has a shop to please.

A bit different from Michigan Avenue, but an equally enthralling holiday experience, is Chicago’s Christkindlmarket. A Chicago staple since 1996, Christkindlmarket is the city’s largest open-air Christmas festival, held in the heart of the city in Daley Plaza. Free to the public, the market embraces German and European culture with a sprinkle of Chicago flare. Guests can enjoy strudel, crepes, candies and more from traditional European vendors, along with handmade crafts and gifts that add originality to any holiday present.

In addition to its shops and decoration, Chicago is known for one more thing during the holiday season: popcorn! A city tradition since 1949, Garrett Popcorn Shops reign in millions each year with its delectable sweet and salty treats. Its holiday tins have become a staple in homes, while the tins’ contents satisfy the buyers’ sweet tooth.

Tickets for this all-day holiday adventure are now available in the Brooks Lounge for $15. Excursion busses will meet in SHAMU, the area between Schroeder Hall and the AMU, at 9:30 a.m.

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