Meet MUSG: Senior Speaker Coordinator Sterling Hardaway

A senior studying International Affairs in the College of Arts & Sciences, Sterling Hardaway is in his third year holding a position in MUSG. As a freshman and sophomore, he was an academic senator for the College of Arts & Sciences, and the Student Organizations Committee Chair. Currently, Sterling holds the role of Senior Speaker Coordinator. hardaway_s

Tasked with compiling a committee of students, faculty and administrators from all colleges and areas of campus, Sterling’s primary role is to promote the speaker nomination process to the Marquette community and act as the communication liaison for the nominees.

Reflecting on his three years in the organization, Sterling shared, “What I really like about MUSG is that in each position, we all have our specific roles and responsibilities, but at some point, we work together to see how the issue we are working on can complement each other, and it’s all for the benefit of the student body…”

Outside of MUSG, Sterling is a part of Senior Challenge, Midnight Run, Orientation Staff and Pi Gamma Mu, a social science honor society.

As a kid, Sterling’s favorite TV show was Sonic the Hedgehog. Short, spunky and speedy just like Sonic, Sterling went all out with his Sonic-love, rocking Sonic slippers and sleeping in his Sonic bed.


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