Student Life Committee Update – Nov. 20

The Student Life committee focuses on issues that directly affect the student experience here at Marquette.  Student life is currently exploring a number of issues.  We are looking into expanding water bottle filling stations throughout campus. The committee is also tackling multiple safety issues, including researching poorly lit areas off-campus in hopes of  increasing safety.

After meeting with the Milwaukee Department of Public Works earlier this semester, our committee served as a focus group on the addition of pedestrian warning lights on campus and we are currently working on initiatives to increase student awareness of the lights.  We learned about the potential for increasing bike racks off-campus, as well as progress being made on bike sharing programs in Milwaukee.  We plan to meet with the City of Milwaukee representative on pedestrian and bicycle safety in the upcoming weeks.

The committee is also looking into adding more outlets for students to charge their devices across campus.  With the large rush to sign off-campus housing leases early in the semester, we met with Associate Dean for University Apartments and Off-campus Student Services Stacie Dooley to work on student-led methods of pushing back signing dates to later in the year. The committee also hopes to increase awareness of the services the university provides for students living off-campus.

We have looked into some smaller issues as well including awareness, cleanliness of the library seating and advertising of for off-campus housing.  Also, after last semester’s attempts to expand and improve disability services, we met with Associate Director of Disability Services Heidi Vering to learn about resources available to students.

Our committee is also exploring additional meal plan options for students not on the Unlimited or Loyalty 50 options and  improvements to recreational and wellness space at Marquette.

If you have any student life concerns or ideas, please contact me or any member of the committee.

Natasha Hansen
Student Life Committee Chair
Off-Campus Senator


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