Academics Committee Update – Nov. 14

The Academics Committee is one of the four standing committees of the MUSG Senate.  The committee is charged with addressing undergraduate academic concerns on campus as well as helping to continue the numerous successes Marquette has enjoyed within the realm of academics.

The committee has actively addressed various academic related issues around campus.  One of our primary initiative thus far in 2013-14 academic year includes working to offer American Sign Language and EMT certification courses offered at Marquette.  In the coming weeks, MUSG will send out a survey to gauge student interest in taking American Sign Language and EMT certification courses.

Our committee has also continued to address the issue of academic advising through researching various resources for students and attempting to make them more accessible for students.  Through its research, the committee has found that several departments and colleges have developed advising guides for students. The committee hopes to encourage the colleges and programs that have not developed theses resources to do so and improve the accessibility of existing advising guides.

Our other projects include establishing consistency among Theology 1001 sections, assessing the first year English program, as well as investigating the possibility of an Art History Minor.  The academics committee has contacted the perspective departments involved with each respective issue and is actively working on propelling the corresponding action forward.

Another large issue the Academic Committee is addressing is concerns with D2L. The committee has been in discussion with one of the directors of the D2L program on improving various issues with the software. These issues include encouraging professors to utilize the grade book tool, keeping the program open after the semester ends and linking D2L with CheckMarq for final grades.

The Academics Committee has various issues to work on this semester but is always actively looking to address more academic concerns.  Our committee reached out to each academic council in the beginning of the year, but encourages any student with academic issues or concerns to contact any committee member or myself directly.

Zack Wallace
Academics Committee Chair
College of Arts & Sciences Senator


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