Dr. Susannah Bartlow of the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center presents to MUSG

On Thursday, Oct. 31, Marquette University Student Government Senate was joined by Dr. Susannah Bartlow, Director of the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center, to discuss the center’s work and events on campus.

Dr. Bartlow explained the history and mission behind the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center (GSRC). The center, located in the Alumni Memorial Union, room 425, provides gender-based violence prevention, gender equity education and LGBT resources to students and the Marquette community. Bartlow emphasized the academic, educational and research focus of the GSRC, noting that students can utilize educational programming like speakers in addition to bi-monthly bag lunches and other events in the center.

On the future of the GSRC, Dr. Bartlow said she hopes more students will visit the center to utilize the space and resources available. She emphasized that understanding gender diversity is beneficial to students and is hopeful that the education will continue to foster dialogue about gender and sexuality on campus.

In her closing remarks Dr. Bartlow reminded Senators that the GSRC is meant to be a service to all Marquette students. “We all have gender and we all think about sex and sexuality. It’s liberating to provide a safer environment for everybody,” Bartlow said.

Following Dr. Barlow’s presentation, MUSG President Sam Schultz reminded Senate that MUSG is accepting applications for Financial Vice President for 2014 until Nov. 15. Applications are available online at musg.mu.edu/getinvolved.

Executive Vice President Zach Bowman noted that the Student Organization Funding deadline for spring Club Sports organizations is also Nov. 15. Students can read all funding guidelines and apply for funding at musg.mu.edu/sof.

Other upcoming MUSG events include the Presidential Search Student Input Session on Wednesday, Nov. 13 at 4 p.m. in the AMU Ballrooms. Students may register for the info session online at mu.edu/presidentsearch or by sending an email to universityspecialevents@marquette.edu.

MUSG will also host an open forum with current Marquette University Interim President Rev. Robert A. Wild, S.J., on Wednesday, Nov. 20 at 7 p.m. on the first floor of the AMU.

Senate adjourned at 8:32 p.m.

For more information on MUSG’s news and events, visit musg.mu.edu or the MUSG office, AMU 133. For additional updates, like MUSG on Facebook and follow MUSG on Twitter.


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