Meet MUSG: Communications Vice President Alex Lahr

Alex Lahr is a senior in the Diederich College of Communication studying Advertising and Corporate Communication. Hailing from Eau Claire, Wis., he is a member of the MU Advertising Club, Lambda Pi Eta Communications Honor Society, and a former DJ for Marquette Radio.

Lahr has been a member of MUSG since 2011. His first year, he joined as a graphic design assistant. For 2012-13, Lahr was named the Communications Vice President, and continues to serve in that position.

Alex finds joy in giving back to the Marquette community. “I really love that MUSG does so much for students. We’re actively pursuing issues on campus, we’re hosting tons of events and bringing entertainment to campus, we’re supporting student orgs. The scope of what we handle is huge and I love that we can have that impact for students.”

Lahr’s favorite Marquette memory was at Annex Bingo. The ultimate prize to be won…was a crockpot. Time and time again, Lahr & Co. lost bingo rounds, until one time, his friend Brendan won a blackout round, resulting in winning all the remaining prizes left, one of which included the coveted crockpot. Needless to say, it was a great day for Alex and a hilarious one for all of the bingo staff.



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