Discussion about sexual violence awareness on campus, approval of SOF Committee openings

MILWAUKEE (April 20, 2013)- MUSG was joined by Susan Cooper, coordinator of Sexual Violence Prevention and Advocacy at Marquette to discuss the current atmosphere on campus regarding sexual violence awareness. April is Sexual Violence Awareness month, a cause that is important to the Marquette community. There will be a collection on campus of unwanted jeans and other clothing items to donate to Pathfinders Milwaukee, a local agency providing safety, shelter and resources to youth. This drive will be held through April 26, 2013.

Cooper also addressed how the Bystander Intervention program at Marquette has grown steadily in 2013-2013. Through training, focus groups and peer-led discussions, bystander intervention works to empower and mobilize participants to recognize, intervene, prevent and/or stop inappropriate comments, actions and behaviors. Every single Marquette student plays a valuable role in preventing acts that violate the basic dignity of every other student.

Additionally, all Marquette students traveling abroad are now required to take a course on sexual violence and awareness issues in the countries that they are studying in. Senator Riesenbeck questioned whether there was a way to follow-up with these students in order to evaluate if the course was valuable. Cooper agreed that the information would be beneficial and will contact the Office of International Education for more details.

After Cooper finished her presentation, a concerned student joined Senate in to further discuss the Palermo’s Pizza Forum, which was held on April 17, 2013. This student was distressed about the lack of faculty response to the students who had repeatedly requested a forum months before one was held. He pleaded with senators to draft a resolution, which would represent the way that students feel about this issue that affects Milwaukee as well as the Marquette community. Senate thanked him for coming and agreed to look into the matter.

There were also two open SOF Committee seats open for senators to fill. Student Organization Funding (SOF) is geared to fund programs that are open to all undergraduate students. The committee is responsible for discussing student organization funding requests and allocating the funds to applicants and events that demonstrate not only a financial need, but who will use the funding in a way to benefit the Marquette community. The two candidates running for the two open positions are Matthew Walker, Arts & Sciences ’16 and Jason Kurtyka, Arts & Sciences ’15. Walker and Kurtyka both received enough votes to become committee members.

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