MUSG hosts Pedestrian Safety Forum, passes Recommendations #4, #5 and Amendment #4

MILWAUKEE (February 28, 2013) – On Thursday, February 28, Marquette University Student Government Senate welcomed Rana Altenburg, vice president of public affairs, Robert Bauman, 4th District Alderman in Milwaukee, and Jeffrey S. Poleske from the Milwaukee Department of Public Works to discuss pedestrian safety on campus.

In the past MUSG has expressed concerns about pedestrian safety for students, specifically in regardsto the safety of pedestrians crossing Wells Street. As result, the city implemented a median to slow down traffic and increase safety for individuals crossing the street.

The council has recently begun discussions about the installation of two-way traffic systems on 16th and 17th Streets running from Clyboune to State Streets. The conversion is said to slow down traffic for “two-way traffic systems tend to change the behaviors of motorist.”

Alderman Bauman later open the floor to Senate to ask questions, express specific concerns and offer suggestions to the council on how the city can improve traffic and pedestrian safety on campus.

Bauman expressed that the city council is aware of the concerns that many have held in terms of pedestrian safety and traffic and that they continue to make efforts to address those issues that concern not only the residents of Milwaukee, but also Marquette Students.

After a five-minute recess, Senate reconvened and unanimously approved three new pieces of legislation.

First was the approval of Amendment #4: Elimination of the Student Advocate Position, presented by Executive Vice President Joe Daufenbach. The amendment called for the removal of the student advocate position. The role required an individual to act as a liaison between student government committees and 40 university-wide committees, which was too great a task for one person, according to Daufenbach.

The amendment will divide the duties of the student advocate position among MUSG Senators in order to efficiently and effectively maintain the flow of information between student government and university committees.

The second piece of legislation was Recommendation #4: Recommendation for an Accessible Student Support system presented by President Pro Tempore Zach Bowman. The recommendation addressed results from the 2013 MUSG survey that found that over 50 percent of students “were not very confident ” or “not at all confident” they knew where to turn regarding a complaint about a faculty member or course in terms of effectiveness or unfair treatment.

This recommendation aims to provide students with a platform where they can comfortably and confidentially voice academic and personal disputes with Marquette University and know that the situation will be handled properly.

Finally, Senate dicussed Recommendation #5: Establishment of a Bias Incident Reporting Process, presented by Senator Marisa Galvez. The recommendation addressed the results of the 2013 MUSG survey that found that 54 percent of students were unsure about how to report unfair treatment while 31 percent were unsure as where to go for assistance if witnessing an incident of discrimination.

The recommendation calls for a bias incident reporting process consisting of an online form that students can fill out in regards to any issues they maybe experiencing in terms of unfair treatment or discrimination and ensure that the incident is reported to the qualified individual who can provide the solution to the issue.

MUSG hopes to have both recommendations implemented on campus by the start of the next academic year.

Senate adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

For more information on MUSG’s news and events, visit or the MUSG office, AMU 133. For additional updates, like MUSG on Facebook and follow MUSG on Twitter.



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