MUSG Senate: A Recommendation for the Establishment of an Arabic Minor

The following piece of legislation was approved by MUSG Senate on February 7, 2013. You can read the release from this Senate meeting here. Passed legislation does not guarantee implementation by Marquette University.

“A Recommendation for the Establishment of an Arabic Minor”

Authors:      Senator Whelton

Sponsors:     Senator Schultz

Whereas:     It is the role of Marquette University Student Government (MUSG) to actively identify and address the needs and concerns of the students; and,

Whereas:     It is the role of MUSG to support the University’s pursuit of academic excellence; and,

Whereas:     There is currently a petition circulating amongst the student body requesting the establishment of an Arabic Minor with 295 undergraduate signatures; and,

Whereas:     The enrollment in Arabic courses increased by 29 students (48.3%) from 2011 to 2012.

Whereas:     In 2006, the United States State Department labeled Arabic as a “critical language”[1];and,

Whereas:     A critical language is a language in which there are not enough fluent speakers in America to ensure the United States’ continued national and economic security; and,

Whereas:    The United States Department of State offers scholarships for students who wish to study Arabic abroad; and,

Whereas:   Marquette’s International Affairs program is designed to prepare students for work in both government agencies and in international policy organizations; and,

Whereas:   The state of global affairs in the last decade has contained a large emphasis on Arabic speaking nations; and,

Whereas:   International Affairs is one of the top 10 majors in the College of Arts and Sciences; and,

Whereas: The mastery of the Arabic language is essential to the viability of International Affairs students in the job market; and,

Whereas: The Office of International Affairs and the Department of Foreign Languages have explicitly stated their support for the establishment of an Arabic Minor in conjunction with development of a MENA (Middle Eastern North Africa) interdisciplinary studies program; and,

Therefore: MUSG recommends that the University Administration and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences work to establish a minor in Arabic that is available for student enrollment starting the 2013-2014 academic year; and,

Furthermore: That the process be done in a transparent and timely manner that includes student representation; and,

Furthermore: That the establishment of an Arabic Minor does not come at the reduction or elimination of other major and minor offerings.



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