Student Life committee update – Feb. 27

Over the past year, the Student Life Committee has looked into many issues at Marquette with the intent to make students’ daily lives outside of academics as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Last semester, two topics discussed were about different features around Marquette, such as statues around campus that identify the image and spirit of the school and students’ concerns surrounding the revised alcohol and drug policy, an issue we continue to investigate.

Another topic last semester was about the handicap accessibility of university buildings, which had also been identified by the school, with which they are near the end of a process to update the buildings to make them more handicap accessible, even beyond the standards needed. We have also discussed the rising costs of tuition and possibilities regarding the pending health insurance mandate. Going forward this semester, our committee will be looking more into issues surrounding pedestrian safety around the Marquette campus. This includes looking at crosswalks and car traffic, among many other possible issues.

As always, if there is ever an issue that you believe should be further examined by MUSG, please don’t hesitate to notify any member of the student government community, and they will help to address your concern.

Heinz Schelhammer
Student Life Committee Chair
College of Business Senator


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