Academics committee update – Feb. 25

The Academics Committee is one of the four standing committees of the Senate, and is tasked with improving the academic experience of the students we represent. In the past, our work has included working to universalize the “Clickers” that many science students use on campus, promoting D2L usage by Marquette faculty, and voicing support of the creation of a new Academic Integrity Policy.

We are currently focusing strongly on the broad issue of advising. This has included collecting many horror stories about advising from students, as well as meeting with the Provost to make sure MUSG and Marquette’s administration are on the same page moving forward. Our next steps have been to look at how advising relates to which Core of Common Studies classes students are taking. Our goal is to make the process easier for advisors, and get students in more meaningful Core classes.

Academics is always looking for new issues to tackle. We appreciate specific stories and examples, so that we can work on specific issues. Please contact us with any concerns.

Samuel Schultz
Academics Committee Chair
College of Arts and Sciences Senator


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