Student Organizations committee update – Feb. 20

The Student Organizations Committee primarily deals with passage and revision of current Marquette University student organizations. The committee also focuses on outreach, and how senators can best represent Marquette’s student led organizations. The committee is chaired by Tommy Hayes and advised by Matt Lengen, coordinator for Student Organizations and Leadership in the Office of Student Development.

The primary items the Student Organizations Committee is currently working include the following: collaborating on the future Student Organization Institute sponsored by OSD, outreach towards student organizations, the upcoming Student Leadership Awards Banquet and the inclusion of a flyer advertising current student organizations and MU Involvement Link to newly admitted students. In the last couple of weeks our organization has approved the Alexander Hamilton Society Organization and analyzed constitution revisions for The Dispute Resolution Association, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, The Saint Robert Bellarmine Society, The Omega Delta Eta Chapter and The Polish Club.

A majority of what our committee does comes from the students and their needs with regards to student organizations. I encourage students to contact me or any member of the committee with any issues that may be facing their organization.

Tommy Hayes
Student Organizations Committee Chair
College of Business Administration Senator


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