Official statement on university tuition increase

MILWAUKEE (January 27, 2013) – On Tuesday, January 22, 2013 Marquette University announced a tuition increase of 4.25%, or $1,390 for the 2013-2014 academic year through a Marquette News Brief. Many students have voiced concerns about the notification and Marquette University Student Government has and will continue to work with university administration on this topic.

As a student government, we have advocated on behalf of students to establish a better understanding of how tuition dollars are being spent. While a Marquette News Brief reaches every student, MUSG believes there should be additional communication when outlining such a large-scale change. In this instance, students would be provided with a detailed rationale for the tuition change and, ideally, a breakdown of where new tuition dollars will be spent.

An MUSG student representative who sits on the University Financial Planning and Review Committee has been working with administrators on providing such a breakdown. Ideally, this breakdown would have been released simultaneously with the tuition announcement. MUSG is working to find out why this did not occur and aims to provide students with additional information in the coming weeks.

While an increase in tuition is not ideal, a significant financial commitment is required in order to remain a top university and to provide students with academic and support resources to have an exceptional college experience.

As students increase their financial commitment to Marquette, it is of the upmost importance that administration be more transparent regarding the use of tuition dollars and more strongly consider the requests of students as large-scale changes are made.

MUSG is confident that administrators will provide additional resources regarding the tuition increase and that students’ money is going to be used responsibly to keep the university thriving and to enhance the Marquette experience.

For questions or additional concerns, contact MUSG by visiting the MUSG office, AMU 133, or email For additional updates, like MUSG on Facebook and follow @MUSG on Twitter.


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