Sunburst Snow Tubing Excursion returns February 9

MILWAUKEE – (February 1, 2013) Marquette University Student Government has great news for adventure seeking and snow loving students on campus. The Sunburst Snow Tubing outing returns this month for Marquette students to enjoy. The event will take place 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, February 9 at Sunburst Ski Area. 

The excursion consists of three hours of non-stop snow tubing on Wisconsin’s finest ski hill. Sunburst has multiple 12,900 foot long chutes that each have a 10 story drop. When tubing at Sunburst, you and your tube can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour! Lunch in the resort will be provided and the snow is guaranteed.

Sophomore Becca Osmolski went on the excursion last year and told MUSG, “I loved the snow tubing excursion at Sunburst. They provide ramps to get you to the top of the hill, so you tube as much as you please without getting tired. The experience was great and I would definitely recommend going on the excursion.”

Do not forget to pick up your ticket at the Brookes Lounge for $15. The cost covers transportation, the snow tube and lunch. There is a limit of one ticket per Marquette ID.

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Official statement on university tuition increase

MILWAUKEE (January 27, 2013) – On Tuesday, January 22, 2013 Marquette University announced a tuition increase of 4.25%, or $1,390 for the 2013-2014 academic year through a Marquette News Brief. Many students have voiced concerns about the notification and Marquette University Student Government has and will continue to work with university administration on this topic.

As a student government, we have advocated on behalf of students to establish a better understanding of how tuition dollars are being spent. While a Marquette News Brief reaches every student, MUSG believes there should be additional communication when outlining such a large-scale change. In this instance, students would be provided with a detailed rationale for the tuition change and, ideally, a breakdown of where new tuition dollars will be spent.

An MUSG student representative who sits on the University Financial Planning and Review Committee has been working with administrators on providing such a breakdown. Ideally, this breakdown would have been released simultaneously with the tuition announcement. MUSG is working to find out why this did not occur and aims to provide students with additional information in the coming weeks.

While an increase in tuition is not ideal, a significant financial commitment is required in order to remain a top university and to provide students with academic and support resources to have an exceptional college experience.

As students increase their financial commitment to Marquette, it is of the upmost importance that administration be more transparent regarding the use of tuition dollars and more strongly consider the requests of students as large-scale changes are made.

MUSG is confident that administrators will provide additional resources regarding the tuition increase and that students’ money is going to be used responsibly to keep the university thriving and to enhance the Marquette experience.

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MUSG Senate: Advising legislation passed unanimously

MILWAUKEE (January 24, 2013) – Tonight, Marquette University Student Government Academics Committee proposed Resolution #2 Commending Provost Pauly on Action Regarding Advising Issues to the Senate.

Senator Schultz, author of Resolution #2, explained Provost John Pauly attended the Academics Committee of the MUSG Senate on November 26, 2012, to discuss ideas that MUSG and the Office of the Provost could pursue to improve academic advising. The now-approved legislation is a direct result of the meeting and continued communication with the Provost.

Resolution #2 deals specifically with making clearer expectations for both students and advisors for advising sessions. It also recommends the Office of the Provost should consider increasing communication to students about how to use scheduling software in CheckMarq. Further recommendations include exploring options to extend the advising period beyond its current one week to allow increased time for more meaningful advising meetings. Finally, the resolution recommends the Office consider options to increase communication between the many academic advisors students have on campus.

The advising legislations passed in a unanimous 23-0-0 vote.

In addition to the vote on Resolution #2, Senator Schultz informed the Senate that the Core Curriculum Review Committee met this week and discussed making changes to the University Core of Common Studies, which, he said, has not been looked over since the early 2000s.

Both President Von Boxtel and Advisor Trevey reiterated Dr. Stephanie Russell’s remarks from last week’s Senate meeting and encouraged all students to attend the strategic planning workshop on Wednesday, January 20 at 3 p.m. Advisor Trevey emphasized that all information gathered at the event will be synthesized and sent directly to the President and the Provost. Through this event, students are able to contribute to the institutional goals of Marquette University for the next five to seven years.

Senate adjourned at 7:57 p.m.

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MUSG Senate: Revising the Marquette Mission; Daufenbach confirmed as Executive Vice President

MILWAUKEE (January 17, 2013) – In anticipation of Marquette University’s upcoming reaccreditation and the development of a long-term strategic plan, vice president for mission and ministry Dr. Stephanie Russell joined Marquette University Student Government Senate on Thursday for a presentation about the University’s mission statement.

Dr. Russell noted that the current mission statement has been used since 1988. She mentioned that maintaining the four pillars of Marquette’s education, excellence, faith, leadership and service, would be an essential part of the planning going forward. Dr. Russell led senators on a discussion regarding the current mission, asking their feedback to help build the future of the university.

Additionally, an online feedback form will be released in the next week on the Marquette strategic planning website to allow students and faculty to add additional feedback throughout the process.

Dr. Russell left senate after asking the question, “What do you long for the university to be? What is missing from the mission statement?” Students are encouraged to think deeply about this question before filling out the online feedback form.

After Dr. Russell’s presentation, President Arica Van Boxtel announced that University president Rev. Scott Pilarz, S.J. is hosting a strategic planning workshop on Wednesday, January 30 at 3:00 p.m.

Senate unanimously approved senior Off-Campus senator Joe Daufenbach as the new MUSG Executive Vice President with a vote of 26-0-0. His main goal in his new position is to be transparent to students about SOF allocations. In order to attain this goal, Joe will work on creating more communication about the SOF process and funding.

Following the vote on EVP Daufenbach, Senator Whelton was approved as an academic SOF senator with a vote of 23-1-0. After two rounds of voting, Senator Tucky was also elected to the SOF committee as a residential senator.

Programs Vice President Matt McGonegle informed the group that exciting new programs are to be held this semester. On Wednesday, January 23, free coffee and tea will be handed out in the Central Mall. This free giveaway is to raise awareness about DiversiTEA: How Do We Make Peace? to be held that same night.

Senate adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

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MUSG Executive Vice President update

MILWAUKEE (January 9, 2013) – Pending approval by Marquette University Student Government Senate, MUSG President Arica Van Boxtel has chosen Senior Off-Campus Senator Joe Daufenbach as Executive Vice President for the remainder of the 2012-13 academic year.

Daufenbach has been a member of MUSG Senate for the past three semesters. He currently chairs the MUSG Business and Administration Senate committee and is a member of the Student Organization Funding committee.

MUSG Senate will convene at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, January 17 to vote on Daufenbach’s appointment to Executive Vice President.

EVP Bill Neidhardt announced his resignation from the position on January 7 in order to focus on academic and post-graduation pursuits. He plans to work closely with President Van Boxtel, Daufenbach, and the MUSG Executive Board to ensure a smooth transition for the remainder of the year.

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MUSG Executive Vice President resigns

MILWAUKEE (January 9, 2013) – Marquette University Student Government Executive Vice President (EVP) Bill Neidhardt has chosen to step down from his position for the remainder of the 2012-13 academic year in order to focus his attention on his academic and post-graduation success.

EVP Neidhardt announced his resignation to the MUSG Executive Board in an email on January 7. Neidhardt said that the decision was difficult and that he will be working with MUSG President Arica Van Boxtel and the Executive Board to ensure a smooth transition between him and the person selected to take over the responsibilities of EVP.

Van Boxtel is working to find a candidate for the position and is aiming to provide an update later this week. Should a candidate accept, MUSG Senate will vote on the candidate’s appointment to the position.

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