MUSG Senate Nov. 2, 2012:
 Marquette Student Athletics Presentation

MILWAUKEE (Nov. 3, 2012) – On November 2, Marquette University Student Government Senate welcomed Larry Williams, the Vice President and Director of Athletics at Marquette, for a presentation on the goals, objectives and overall mission of Marquette Athletics.

Prior to William’s presentation, the Senate opened the floor to a forum of concern students. Students representing the Marquette Women’s Club Lacrosse, Soccer, and Quidditch teams all expressed major concerns for the availability of field space. One student voiced her opinions regarding varsity athletes receiving priority over club athletes in reserving Valley Fields, and that proposed alternative space, such as Schroeder Field and Norris Park were inadequate for safe participation.

Williams began his presentation with an overview of the athletics department, breaking it into a pyramid in which support systems such as institutional control, university administration, coaches, the academic community, and athletics donor and fan base rest at the base.

He also noted that through aligning the mission of Marquette Athletics with that of the university, the athletic department aims to enhance awareness of the university as a whole, build a solid community around Marquette, and develop student-athletes who driven to succeed in the greater community.

Williams addressed the issues raised by the concerned students in club sports, stating, “There is a lack of field space opportunities and no indoor fields. We are looking at how can we create indoor play space for the entire institution and we are acutely aware of the issue.”

Williams then opened the presentation for questions. Through questions raised by senators, Williams confirmed that Marquette Athletics receives a subsidy from the university for operations and that the majority of money made by varsity athletics, namely Men’s Basketball, goes back into funding other varsity athletics. Williams noted that the athletics programs’ funding is quite complex and that students can find more information by going to the Equity in Athletics Data Analysis (EADA) Cutting Tool official site,

After the presentation, President Arica Van Boxtel informed senate that the Academics Committee of MUSG Senate will be meeting with the Provost John Pauly on November 26 to discuss the ongoing issues with academic advising. Van Boxtel also noted that Financial Vice President applications are available encourages all Marquette students who are interested to apply.

Executive Vice President Bill Neidhardt made a statement in regards to the upcoming election, encouraging all students to vote. Neidhardt also stressed the importance of being prepared on Election Day with the necessary credentials. For more information, students may contact EVP Neidhardt or visit

Financial Vice President Brittany Riesenbeck reiterated that Club Sports Student Organization Funding requests for the spring semester are due Friday, November 16. Students with funding concerns can contact EVP Neidhardt.

Senator Daufenbach reported on the behalf of the Business and Administration Committee, stating that currently they are working on implementing stop signs for Kilbourn and are in the process of conducting comparative studies for the new alcohol policy.

As an additional announcement at Senate, the Les Aspin Center and the Department of Political Science will be hosting an election night viewing party in Olin Engineering Center on November 6. With that, Senate adjourned for the evening.

For more information on MUSG’s news and events, visit or contact the MUSG office, AMU 133. For additional updates, like MUSG on Facebook and follow MUSG on Twitter.


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