MUSG President’s Blog: Diversity Taskforce & Student Org Funding

Hi there!

I hope you had a fun and relaxing fall break. You are currently reading the new MUSG President’s blog. I’m Arica Van Boxtel, this year’s MUSG President. Throughout the year this blog will serve as another way to update students about what projects the student government is currently working on to better our campus. After all, that is what MUSG is here for – we’re students helping students.

As the first semester reaches half way, students have been hard at work and so has your student government. One of MUSG’s newest projects includes the Diversity Taskforce. The Diversity Taskforce was an idea presented to students by MUSG Executive Vice President Bill Neidhardt and I when we were elected to our positions last March. The vision of the Taskforce is to actively address and represent the campus-student population by engaging and promoting inclusivity and awareness of different identities and diverse topics.   The Taskforce will address needs regarding diversity and inclusion, and move from anecdotal information on diversity towards actionable campus improvements. To sum that up in fewer words: the Taskforce is taking action to get results. The Taskforce is made of three committees and meets as a full body on a monthly basis. The entire Taskforce meets next week,  so look forward to hearing the progress that has been made.

Another project we have been working feverishly on is improving our Student Organization Funding (SOF) Process. This is another area in which Bill and I told students we would work to improve once in office. The Student Organization Funding Committee, chaired by EVP Bill, has worked hard to redefine and clarify the SOF rules for granting funds to student orgs and the processes by which the committee approves allocations. Redefining the SOF process was a collaborative effort, between Bill and the committee, MUSG Financial Vice President Brittany Riesenbeck, the Office of Student Development and the MUSG Communications Department. The final results of this hard work can be viewed on the MUSG website on the Event Funding page . I encourage all students and student organizations to learn more about the process and let us know if you have any questions or comments.

We’ve also improved the SOF process by moving the funding applications to Marquette Involvement Link, or MIL. This provides students with the ability to apply for funding from the comfort of their own home, helps them organize their funding request all in one location, and reduce the amount of paper waste.

Those are just a few updates for all to hear. Throughout the year, we’ll be keeping you updated on the Diversity Taskforce as well as popular topics such as improving advising and campus space and facilities.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and, as always, feel free to contact us with any concerns, issues, or ideas.

Your MUSG Prez,



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