Fright Fest Excursion

MILWAUKEE (September 29, 2012) – Marquette University Student Government will host an excursion to Six Flags Great America’s Fright Fest on Saturday, October 13. The bus will leave campus at 4:00 PM and return to campus at 12:30 AM.

Get yourself into the spooky spirit of Halloween with a trip to the transformed ground of Six Flags. Raging Bull, Superman, the brand-new X Flight coaster, and all your other favorite attractions will still send riders on screaming adventures. With haunted houses, performers, and the scare tactics of the Six Flag’s Scare Team, the entire park will send chills down your spine.

Amidst the thousands of cornstalks, cobwebs, oversized spiders, and one giant gorilla, you and your friends can dare to roam the haunted midways of the frightening theme park. This year Six Flags has added even more haunting attractions, including the Wicked Woods, Manslaughter Manor, The Dead Line Haunted Train and Fright Club, a brand new dance club experience.

Tickets for this night of thrills go on sale on Monday, October 1 in the Brooks Lounge. Tickets are $20.

Don’t miss out on this terrifically terrifying good time offered by your student government!

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MUSG Senate Agenda Sept. 27

At this week’s MUSG Senate meeting, Erin Lazzar, Assistant Dean of Students will make a presentation on the changes to the Alcoholic Beverages policy in the Student Handbook. After her presentation, MUSG Senators and concerned students will be allowed to discuss the changes to the alcohol policy with Ms. Lazzar. To read over the Alcoholic Beverages policy, click here.

All students are allowed to attend MUSG Senate meetings, held every Thursday at 7:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted. Students are encouraged to share any questions concerns they have during our Forum for Concerned Students or by tweeting prior to each meeting @MUSG with #MUSGsenate. For any questions or concerns, contact Legislative Vice President Jilly Gokalgandhi at

Thursday, September 27, 2012

7:30 PM – AMU 227

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Forum for Concerned Students
4. Presentations
     A.      Ms. Erin Lazzar, Assistant Dean of Students
5. Officer Reports

President Arica Van Boxtel

Executive Vice President Bill Neidhardt

Communications Vice President Alex Lahr

Program Vice President Matt McGonengle

Financial Vice President Brittany Riesenbeck

Advisor Kate Trevey

Parliamentarian Antonella Montavano

Legislative Vice President Jilly Gokalgandhi

6. Committee Reports

Business and Administration Joe Daufenbach

Student Life  Heinz Schelhammer

Academics Sam Schultz

Student Organizations  Tommy Hayes

7. Outreach, Council, and All-University Committee Reports
8. Old Business
9. New Business
10. Announcements
11. Adjournment

Marquette Cash Cab Returns

MILWAUKEE (September 24, 2012) – Marquette University Student Government and the Department of Public Safety will be bringing Cash Cab to Marquette University on October 6 and 7, 2012 from 7 p.m. – 11 p.m.

One LIMO will be designated as the Marquette Cash Cab! Upon boarding the cash cab limo, students will be asked trivia questions. The questions are random, some general knowledge and some pertaining to Marquette University. If students answer the questions correctly they will be rewarded with gift cards valued up to $25!

Matt McGonegle Program Vice President, states that “It was really cool because people who did not even know about it got to participate, which added more to the element of surprise.”

In order to remain fair and maintain the element of surprise, students are unable to request the Cash Cab specifically.

So leave your car keys at home, give your legs a break, dial (414) 288-6363, and have your Marquette I.D. and brain ready and be waiting!

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MUSG Fall 2012 Election Results

Fall 2012 Student Election

MUSG Fall Election Certified Results

Election conducted Thursday, September 13, 2012

Results certified Friday, September 14, 2:00 pm

1,756 Voters

22.1% Voter Turnout 1

 Abbottsford Hall Senator – 146 Voters

                           Matthew Walker          81          55.5%

Kevin Cornell          65          44.5%

 Carpenter Tower Senator

                           Emily Pirkl                    100%

Cobeen Hall Senator – 156 Voters

                           Emmaline Jurgena          91          100%

Commuter Senator

One Commuter Senator seat remains open and will be appointed by the Commuter Student Association or MUSG Legislative Vice President, in accordance with the MUSG Constitution. 

Mashuda Hall Senator – 67 Voters

                           Jacob Vildibill                    100%

McCabe Hall Senator

                           Jason Kurtyka                    100%

McCORMICK Hall Senator (2) – 191 Voters

                           Zack Wallace                    100%

One McCormick Hall Senator seat remains open and will be appointed by the McCormick Hall Council, in accordance with the MUSG Constitution.

O’Donnell Hall Senator – 53 Voters

                           Chris Steiner          28          52.8%

Tyler Thompson          25          47.2%

 Off-Campus Senator (7 SEATS) – 337 Voters

                           Joe Daufenbach          253          39.5%

                           Marisa Galvez              184          28.7%

                           Alison Libera               204          31.8%

Four Off-Campus Senator seats remain open and will be appointed by the MUSG Legislative Vice Preident, working closely with the Apartments Council, in accordance with the MUSG Constitution.

 Schroeder Hall Senator

                           Thomas Schick                    100%

 Straz Tower Senator – 121 Voters

Charlie Mau          58          47.9%

                           Tyler Tucky          63          52.1%


Election results certified by

David Kuester, MUSG Elections Coordinator

Jon Dooley, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean of Student Development and MUSG Advisor

Voter turnout of 22.1% of all eligible voters compares to fall election turnout of 14.6% in 2011, 17.8% in 2010, 10.9% in 2009, and 8.9% in Fall 2008).  This was the first time that Marquette Involvement Link was used to manage an online election.  The Fall 2010 election marked the first time that RHA, and the Hall and Apartments Councils conducted their elections using the same online ballot as MUSG, likely resulting in greater voter turnout starting that year.

MUSG & RHA Election Clarification

MILWAUKEE (Sept. 14, 2012) – Last night, Marquette University Student Government was informed that our Marquette Involvement Link site inadvertently closed the election an hour early, inhibiting students from casting their votes. Thanks to quick responses from students about the issue, it was learned that Marquette Involvement Link was defaulted on Eastern time. The time was adjusted, and the site was re-opened quickly.

To accommodate this, voting was extended until 12 p.m. Friday. All students received email notification of this change. MUSG apologies for any students who were unable to vote for MUSG or RHA candidates during that hour. The complication has been dutifully noted, and will be avoided in all future elections. For students who may have questions or concerns regarding this topic, please contact MUSG Elections Coordinator Dave Kuester at

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Student Organization Funding Allocations passed

MILWAUKEE (Sept. 13, 2012) – On Thursday, the Marquette University Student Government approved over $19,000 of funding for student organizations, including a $15,000 allocation for a political debate event to be held later this fall.

$15,000 worth of Student Organization Funding was approved for Young Americans for Freedom (YAF). YAF is planning to bring Senator Rick Santorum and DNC Chair Howard Dean to campus for a debate on the role of government in society. Both speakers are former presidential candidates and high profile political speakers presenting different views on the issues facing voters in the upcoming election. The event is being planned for October 30, 2012 in the Weasler Auditorium. This allocation, along with all Student Organization Funding allocations, totaling $19,564.41 were passed 14-0-0.

In addition to the approval of Student Organizational Funding allocations, President Arica Van Boxtel announced that Senator Bekah Newman was appointed as the new judicial administrator for the 2012-13 academic school year.

Programs Vice-President Matt McGonegle announced that over 4,000 students have attended MUSG sponsored events so far this semester. He also mentioned that the second Westowne Square Farmer’s Market will be held from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 18.

Financial Vice President Brittany Riesenbeck reminded the room that Student Organization Funding forms are available on MUSG’s Marquette Involvement Link page. Organizations are urged to fill out the requests in order to receive funding for the 2012-13 academic year.

It was also announced that Antonella Montavano would be the new Senate Parlimentarian. She replaces Lizzy Spaits, parliamentarian for the 2011-12 academic year.

Finally, it was announced that MUSG and RHA will host a press conference announcing election results on Friday, September 14 at 2:30 p.m. The conference will be held in the lower level of the AMU, outside of the Marquette University Student Government office.

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Diversity Taskforce

Vision: The vision of the Diversity Taskforce is to actively address and represent the campusstudent
population by engaging and promoting inclusivity and awareness of identities and
diverse topics. Inherent in the University’s mission, the Taskforce specifically aims to build a
stronger community through meaningful and authentic leadership enhanced by both
commonalities and differences among students. Enriched with the perspectives and experiences
of a diverse community, the Marquette University can better achieve its potential for creativity
and discovery in respect to its mission and pillars of service, faith, leadership and excellence.

History: In the 2011-12 academic year, former MUSG President Joey Ciccone and former
Executive Vice President Trent Carlson implemented a diversity initiative that included a series
of roundtable discussions that aimed to increase representation of all students and student
organizations on campus. The roundtable discussions were hosted by MUSG Senators Sterling
Hardaway and Jilly Gokalgandhi in the Multicultural Center, renamed to the Center for Cultural
Engagement in the fall of 2012. A list of topics was compiled from these student discussions and
the Diversity Taskforce was created to take action towards making improvements in areas of
diversity and inclusion during the 2012-13 term of MUSG President Arica Van Boxtel and
Executive Vice President Bill Neidhardt.
Charge: The Taskforce will address student-identified needs regarding diversity and inclusion,
and move from highlighting anecdotal information on diversity to actionable campus

The Taskforce is an ad hoc committee that consists of 15 members chaired by the MUSG
President and MUSG Executive Vice President. Taskforce member description includes
undergraduate students that represent various colleges, classes and organizations.
Challenges aiming to address:
1. Determining an empirical and formal way to gauge students’ attitudes and perceptions
about diversity and inclusivity on campus, with focus on implementing a campus climate
2. Improving the selection of courses focused on diversity, multiculturalism and identities,
as well as supporting the University to increase numbers of faculty of diverse
backgrounds with unique experiences to grant students new perspectives that enhance
education and whole selves.
3. Developing a reporting process for students who have been discriminated against because
of their race, ethnicity, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, gender expression, or
religious/non-religious affiliation. In addition to further developing lines of support for
underrepresented students and populations.

To apply for the Diversity Taskforce, click here. For questions, contact MUSG President Arica Van Boxtel at