MUSG FY13 Budget approval and changes made

MILWAUKEE – April 26, 2012- Last Thursday MUSG Senate approved the 2013 fiscal year budget to best reflect student priorities. Much time and consideration was put into determining the budget and ensuring that all choices were made to best use the Student Activity Fee in ways that give back to students in areas they want to see on campus.

Earlier today, the Marquette Tribune ran an article pertaining to MUSG’s revised allocation of student funds in the article titled, “MUSG eliminates spring concert series.” MUSG would like to use this as an opportunity to provide further rationale and detail behind the new budget decisions and budget that best reflects student’s interest and involvement.

The decision regarding the FY13 budget and its reallocation of the funds to Major Events line was decided for a variety of reasons. Marquette University has limited venue space to accommodate for large scale events. The largest venue on campus, including production space, holds 700 students. In order to get a large act on campus we would need a larger venue to accommodate the performers as well as the number of students who could attend. Also, based on costs of performers and production, the price of one student in attendance is equal to the amount of three students’ activity fee, in addition to paying out of pocket for the ticket. Based on a cost-benefit analysis of previous events, it is more responsible to allocate the Student Activity Fee in areas that are more popular to students and provide more programming opportunities for students to attend.

The process for determining the FY13 budget incorporated many perspectives and evaluated student opinions and turnout to ensure that the money was allocated in the students’ best interests. MUSG works every year to create a balanced budget that best reflects our student body’s priorities and ensures a full and accessible Marquette experience.

A brief explanation of the process involved in approving the budget includes the following:

  1. The MUSG Budget Committee comprised of two senators, the MUSG President, Financial Vice President, Program Vice President and one faculty advisor thoroughly discuss each portion of the budget.
  2. The MUSG Financial Vice President then presents the FY13 proposed budget to Senate, supplied with variances from the year prior.
  3. The week following the presentation, the MUSG Financial Vice President meets with each Senate standing committee to further explain the proposed budget.
  4. The following Senate meeting each Senate standing committee provides rationale for their respective portion of the budgeted expenses, and the floor is then opened for individual questions. The budget is then put on the table for approval from the majority of the seated, student-elected Senate.

We encourage students to contact MUSG with any questions. The MUSG office is located in AMU 133 and can also be contacted via email at or contact the MUSG Finance Department at


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