Inauguration for new MUSG President and Vice President Monday; Sexual assault awareness and education

MILWAUKEE (March 29, 2012) – Last night’s Senate meeting began with a presentation on new sex assault policies and initiatives on campus. The following faculty spoke to MUSG about what Marquette has done, and what else it has to do in regard to campus sexual assaults: Dan Bergen, assistant dean for university apartments and off-campus student services; Sue Cooper, coordinator of sexual violence and advocacy services at Student Health Service; Chris Daood, assistant director of the Counseling Center; and Lynn O’Brien, sexual violence prevention coordinator at the Counseling Center.

They spoke about Marquette’s past efforts to decrease campus sex assaults and raise awareness about sexual assault prevention. They also introduced new programs and initiatives that the university is utilizing to educate students, staff, faculty and administrators about proper reporting procedures in the circumstance of a sexual assault. The four speakers explained they are working hard on the issue with other dedicated staff members and know they still have a long way to go in terms of eradicating sexual assaults on campus.

“This isn’t just about sexual assault. It’s also about the hook up culture and creating more dialogue on campus about healthy sexuality and relationships,” said Daood.

Marquette is continuing to develop bystander prevention awareness initiatives to address how the campus community should act and respond in cases of sexual assault. Daood explained that Marquette must hold itself responsible for a respectful and inclusive community, and help students to look out for each other.

President Joey Ciccone announced that the inauguration of the new MUSG President and Vice President will be Monday, April 2, at 3 p.m. in the AMU Ballrooms. All students are welcome to attend. In addition, higher administration and faculty and staff will also be in attendance to meet with MUSG representatives and student attendees. After a campus-wide election this past Wednesday, juniors Arica Van Boxtel and Bill Neidhardt were elected MUSG President and Vice President.

Executive Vice President Trent Carlson announced that positions for University Committee Student Representatives are now open for all students to apply. These positions include roles on committees such as: Student Health Advisory Board, Late Night Marquette Steering Committee, Dining Advisory Board, Committee on Teaching and many more. Applications can be picked up in the MUSG office, AMU 131, or online.

On Wednesday, April 18, the Schroeder Hall Council plans to host a “sleep out,” where residents will raise awareness about homelessness in the community. Students donate canned goods to receive a box to sleep on in Schroeder field to show how difficult it is for the homeless to get food and a good night’s sleep.

The AMU Advisory Board announced the AMU is working to add more wireless access points in thebuilding to decrease wireless internet issues.

Green week is April 23 through 27, during this time Marquette students, staff and faculty can get free coffee in at the Brew between 7 and 9 a.m. if a travel mug is provided.

The Senate unanimously passed the resolution, Supporting the Committee on Teaching’s Recommendations to Increase Course Information on Checkmarq, which would give students better insight, details and advice about classes and professors during registration periods.

The Senate unanimously passed the recommendation, Supporting a Neighborhood Grocery Store, which suggests that Marquette administration to collaborate with community groups to bring a grocery store to the area. Currently “Marquette’s campus and the surrounding community is a ‘food desert’ with limited access to fresh produce and reasonably priced grocery items,” explained Senator Allison Kruschke.

Lastly, Senate concluded with the following event announcements:

• The last DiversiTEA of the semester will take place Thursday, April 12.

• After Dark will present 90s Night on Saturday, April 14, at 9 p.m. at the Annex.

• MUSG will host a carnival at Lil’ Sibs weekend on Saturday, April 21, at 7 p.m.

• MUSG will sponsor an excursion to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago on Saturday, April 28. Tickets are available in the Brooks Lounge for $15 and include bus fare and museum admission.

• The Department of Recreational Sports is hosting clothing drive. Please drop off gently used clothing at the donation bins in the Rec Plex and Rec Center.

• Dance Marathon is this Sunday, April 1. For more information click here. Dance marathon will feature performances by Marquette’s Studio 13 Refugees and the Gold ‘N Blues.

For more information on MUSG’s news and events, visit or contact the MUSG office, AMU 133 and follow MUSG on Facebook and Twitter.


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