Multicultural Affairs discusses diversity on campus

MILWAUKEE (Feb. 24, 2012) – Thursday’s Senate began with a presentation from Office of Student Development’s Multicultural Affairs (MA) regarding diversity on campus and how MA plans to help maintain diversity at Marquette. Carla Cadet, assistant dean for multicultural affairs, and John Janulis, interim coordinator for multicultural affairs, announced that MA aims to create a “diverse student body to help enrich the Marquette experience for everyone on campus.”

MUSG President Joey Ciccone announced that he is working with the provost and dean of admissions to discuss the student enrollment plan for next year. Ciccone also announced that there are three more diversity roundtable events this semester.

Vice President Trent Carslon stated that Jaime Britton, MUSG student advocate, is finalizing the university committees for next year and applications for all positions will be made available in early March. Carlson also said that the campus dining survey is complete and will be shared with the dining and AMU advisory boards in the coming months.

Senator Allison Kruschke announced that the business administration committee wants to install a PrintWise station in Campus Town West. The committee continues to discuss the idea of installing water bottle refilling stations throughout campus.

The student life committee is collecting photos of campus dorm rooms to submit to the Marquette website for incoming students to see what a typical dorm room looks like.

Lastly, an announcement was made that the Core of Common Studies Committee confirmed that a new course, theology of economics, will be offered every two years and be taught by three different professors.

Senate concluded with the following upcoming announcements:

  • The deadline for Hunger Clean Up registration is Friday, March 9.
  • Hellogoodbye is the headliner band for the spring concert on Thursday, March 29. Tickets are available in the Brooks Lounge for $12 with a valid Marquette ID.
  • Applications for Communications Department positions are currently available on the MUSG website and are due Wednesday, March 7.

For more information on MUSG’s news and events, visit or contact the MUSG office, AMU 133 and follow MUSG on Facebook and Twitter.


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