Senate Release: New Sexual Assault Resources, Committee Elections, SOF Funding Deadline

MILWAUKEE (Sept. 30, 2011) – The Marquette University Student Government welcomed Sue Cooper, the Coordinator of Sexual Violence and Advocacy Services and Chris Daood, Assistant Director of the Counseling Center, to present on new information and services that are available to the entire student body regarding sexual assault and violence.

Cooper and Daood emphasized student leaders play important roles in sexual violence prevention on campus and the importance that leaders have in spreading awareness to other students about resources available to the Marquette community. They also mentioned that positive changes about sexual assault education and prevention are best made possible with collaborative efforts from the entire student body.

They reported that one large change this year is that Public Safety must now report acts of sexual violence to the Milwaukee Police Department as part of their licensing agreement. Cooper explained the three confidential resources that are available to students who have been sexually assaulted. Students can go to Student Health Services, Campus Ministry and/or the Marquette University Counseling Center for treatment and guidance. These confidential resources are valuable resources that they would like to bring more awareness to students about. Further, an off-campus resource is the Sexual Assault Treatment Center at the Aurora Sinai Medical Center Emergency Room, but it is also required to report incidents to the MPD.

The conversation on Sexual Violence and Advocacy Services cleared up many of the misconceptions about sexual assault, and Cooper and Daood provided tips on identifying sexual predators and how to best protect yourself and others from sexual assault.

Lastly, Cooper and Daood shared some of the changes that are being made including the following: presentations to first year students, student leaders engaging in Student Success training and training sessions to help inform the community.

A new website will be launched, in about a month, with more information about this new initiative. The link is

Senator Katie Simoncic was elected as the new President Pro-Tempore.  Commuter Senator, Evan Umpir, was elected to serve on the Residential Budget Committee, and both, Senator Mallory Daily and Senator Natasha Hansen, were elected to serve on the Residential Student Organization Funding Committee.

Student Organization Funding deadline is Oct. 14 at 5 p.m. Contact Trent Carlson, Executive Vice President at (414) 288-5150 or stop by the MUSG office in AMU 133, for any questions or concerns.

The MUSG website is up and running, stay informed and knowledgeable about upcoming events with the following link:

For other information about upcoming events contact the MUSG office, AMU 133 and follow MUSG on Facebook and Twitter.

The Marquette University Student Government was developed in 1882 as the governing body of the Marquette community. Its goal is to identify, understand, actively address and represent students’ needs, concerns, and interests through acts of leadership and service, which reflect Catholic, Jesuit ideals and contribute to the betterment of the Marquette University community.


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