MUSG Presented with Budget Proposal for the 2012 Fiscal Year

At the senate meeting on Thursday night, Financial Vice President John Dunlap presented the proposed MUSG budget for the 2012 fiscal year.

FVP Dunlap’s presentation was an overview of the planning process for determining the FY12 budget, including who was involved in creating the proposal, factors contributing to the budget and trends taken into account from past years. To determine the finalized proposal, the budget committee considered projected revenues, developed financial goals and expectations and reviewed proposed expenses.

FVP Dunlap also explained that approximately 85 percent of the budget is derived from undergraduate student activity fees, about 16 percent from the MUSG program board and nearly 10 percent from interest on the MUSG reserve fund. Most of the budget money is allocated towards the program board and student organization funding.

The proposed FY12 budget shows a slight increase in MUSG program board funding with student organization funding money decreasing marginally. FVP Dunlap explained that MUSG has allocated more money to student organizations in past years, and has kept program board funding at about the same amount for nearly ten years. The budget committee altered the distribution to remain consistent with 2007 and 2011 MUSG survey findings that almost 95 percent of students want to see their student activity fee spent on campus. This budget change will allow the program board to utilize more of the student activity fee for on-campus events rather than for off-campus travel and conference fees.

For more information about the proposed budget for FY12, please contact FVP John Dunlap at

Several elections also took place at the meeting. Senator Sam Schultz was elected as the new President pro Tempore. Senators Rosendo Villanueva, Sterling Hardaway and Jilly Gokalgandhi were elected to the student organization funding committee, and Senator Allison Kruschke was elected to the budget committee.


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