2010-2011 MUSG Senate Goals

Here we are, the MUSG Senate,  finally getting busy and having a lot of fun. As we take off on our year-long hang glide on Doritos, we can see that this will be a bright year. (Check out Marcel below. You won’t regret it.)

Coming off of the MUSG Retreat this past weekend, Senators are excited to begin working within committees, collaborating with students from all aspects of campus life, and working to accomplish the goals set at the retreat. What are Senate goals, you might ask?

1. Collaboration: Not only in our work within MUSG, but also by reaching out to other students and other student organizations.

2.  Efficient and effective legislation: If you have an issue you believe Senate should pursue, there are a variety of ways to contact members of MUSG. Come talk to me or your Senators in AMU 133, leave us a message on any MUSG social media site, email us at musg.senate@mu.edu, or attend a Senate meeting on Thursday nights at 7:30 in the AMU 227. Whichever way you choose to communicate your concern, we’d love to hear from you!

3. Transparency and Communication: Senate had a long discussion at the retreat about how to be transparent in what we do, how to keep the lines of communication open so that the students can see what we are doing and why we are doing it, and what we want the outcome to be. With increased transparency, students can hold us accountable for the work we are doing. After all, we’re here to serve you, the student body.

Senators have recently been broken into different committees, and their work will start up soon. Through these committees, senators will identify important issues to be worked on, solutions will come about, and sometimes legislation will be written, all with the Senate goals in mind. Overall, these committees will allow the Senate to be more effective in its work.

Now, with only a few nice days left, I hope everyone will go outside and enjoy the weather. Go for a run, play some Frisbee or just do something crazy! Besides having 4 tests next week, I might do something crazy myself and get rid of the 3 year old beard. It is a stretch, but it is something I might just do. Don’t worry though beard lovers. It will grow back.

Again, if you didn’t get the hang gliding from a Dorito reference at the beginning, check out the Marcel the Shell.


Trent Carlson, Legislative Vice President


Hello from MUSG!

Hello Marquette University!
In this, the first blog post of the Fall ’10 semester, I would like to begin by telling you how excited the MUSG Executive Board is to be back in the office.  We have been elected to serve you, the undergraduate student body of Marquette University. As such, I would like to remind you that this office and all who work here are available to you as a resource for any question or concern that you may have. Anything at all really! Just stop on in the MUSG office: AMU 133.
We are in the first few weeks of the semester, and MUSG is in full swing after the recent election of Residential Senators. These newly elected Senators will join returning Academic Senators to continue progress on issues discussed at the end of the last school year. They will also bring new perspectives in representing those who commute, or live off-campus and in residence halls. In particular, the concept of overall wellness has been on the minds of students and the student government that represents their interests. Because of this interest, MUSG will continue to gather information and meet regularly with administrators regarding recreational facilities and improvements that can be made beyond the short term improvements made to the current facility earlier this year.  Other issues such as transparency within the classroom, pedestrian safety, healthy options in dining, and financial transparency with our vendors will continue to be important discussion areas for the Senate.
To complement the legislative side of student government, programmers have been at work since last year and over the summer to bring an interesting array of speakers and events to campus, as well as excursions that will take students into the city.  We are confident that these programs will entertain students, provide opportunities to try something new, and spark conversation on topics that are very pertinent to each of us at this time in our lives.  Such programs include upcoming speaker ‘No Impact Man’ Colin Beaven, who spent a year in New York City with his family trying to make the smallest environmental impact possible, and “Spice Up Your Night”, a salsa dance lessons and performance session. For more information on these programs, check out MUSG’s Facebook and Twitter pages.
Best wishes throughout the semster, and check back soon!
Meghan Ladwig