MUSG Executive Summer Blog – Have a Great Summer!

The past couple of months have been exciting and eventful for Marquette University Student Government. With our MUSG elections complete, our organization has a new President and a new face and attitude. Things have already gotten rolling as the MUSG President, Executive Vice President, and Senators took a quick campus tour with DPS identifying safety concerns around campus. This summer, the MUSG President is looking forward to meeting with key administrators to follow through with their specific platform goals sooner rather than later.

The Executive Vice President’s office has been very busy this year working on various student life issues. Throughout the next year, the Executive Vice President will strive to improve the communication between the students of Marquette and the members of the Department of Public Safety. Furthermore, we will encourage the administration to continue to implement environmentally friendly initiatives. Both the President and the Executive Vice President will be living in Milwaukee this summer in order to work towards the completion of ongoing MUSG projects.

The year was filled with wonderful programs including Brewers games, a concert from fan favorites, Guster, and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. We hope to work on a great fall line up over the summer as plans for Mania Week and some big name speakers are already underway. Feedback and ideas for programs are always encouraged from students as we want to make sure we are offering programs that you would like to have on campus.

Also, this year marked the first year of publication for the MUSG Voice, a guide to our student government. We Twitter tweeted and Facebook friended to reach out to the Marquette community and hear what you had to say. We have received great feedback from our followers and look forward to more in the upcoming school year. When the MUSG communications office returns in the fall, look for our new executive board blogs with the inside scoop on each department.

The financial office too has had a very good year. We were successful at passing our FY2010 budget, which will be $495,000. Throughout the summer and next year, the Executive Vice President and the Financial Vice President will be reaching out to more student organizations regarding the SOA process. We hope to see an increase in the number of student organization requests.

MUSG Senate had to endure a slew of changes this past academic year. Through all of the trials and tribulations, the legislative office was able to persevere, end on a good note, and put our student government in a position to succeed in the upcoming semesters. In the coming fall, we plan to further expand on the organization’s desire to be as transparent as possible. Be on the lookout for open Senate positions and other ways to get involved.

We welcome you in the way we hope you will welcome us. On behalf of all of the people and branches MUSG, have a safe and wonderful summer, and we will see you in the fall!